7 Mehmet Menu Antalya Turkey

Located in Antalya, Turkey, 7 Mehmet Menu is a renowned restaurant supplying actual Turkish delicacies. With a diverse menu featuring kebabs, mezes, seafood, and vegetarian alternatives, there may be something for each person. The restaurant’s inviting environment and current indoors offer a great setting for memorable dining reviews. Come and enjoy the rich flavors of Turkish gastronomy at 7 Mehmet Menu in Antalya, Turkey.

7 Mehmet Noodles and Dessert Menu

Noodles (with Minced Meat)70
Noodles (Walnut & Tulum Cheese)70
Pumpkin dessert36
Quince Dessert (Offered in the Season – with Buffalo Cream)30
Bread Kadayif (with Buffalo Cream)30
Almond Keşkul32
Baked pudding30
Cream Chocola30
Creme Caramel30
Goat Milk Ice Cream (Ask for options)36
Season fruits30

7 Mehmet Seafoods and Pilafs Menu

Fish Pie
A lovely fish pie with peas
Fish Pie44
Shrimp & Cheddar Cheese Pie80
Calamari (Spinach and Spring Onion)90
Fried calamari130
Grilled Squid Skewers130
Fish with Squid Shrimp and Almond300
“Sezen” Rice (3 servings)110
Rice with Dried Tomatoes (3 servings)110
Bergamot Jam & Pineapple Rice42
Fig Jam & Walnut Rice42
Artichoke Rice (Offered in Season – Roasted Almonds and Dill)50
Stuffed rice42
Bulgur Rice38

Intermediate Meals and Salads Menu

French Fries
French Fries (with Yogurt & Fried Butter)42
French Fries (with Tarator Sauce)50
French Fries (With Roasted Dried Hot Pepper & Yogurt)50
Fried Beans (with Yogurt and Fried Butter)35
Pumpkin Fries (with Yogurt)40
Okra Fries (Offered in Season. With Yogurt and Fried Butter)50
Fried Zucchini with Soda (with Yogurt)40
Fried Zucchini with Tarator Sauce48
Fried Spicy Zucchini with Tarator Sauce(Offered in Season)55
Mixed Roast (Potato, eggplant, green pepper)44
Mixed Fry (with Tomato Sauce & Yogurt)56
Hot Shakshuka50
Zucchini Mucveri (Select Fried – Grilled)32
Grilled Seasonal Vegetables36
Boiled Seasonal Vegetables (with Olive Oil Lemon Sauce)36
Grilled Mushrooms with Cheddar Cheese45
Roasted Mushrooms (With Yogurt and Fried Butter)38
Boiled Spinach (with Yogurt and Fried Butter)35
Herb Roasted (With Yogurt and Fried Butter)45
Sea Bean Kidney Bean140
Avocado Cracked Salad40
Fruit Salad40
Rainbow Salad45
Roasted Capia Pepper Salad40
Avocado Grated Salad40
Arugula salad40
Seasonal Salad34
Mixed salad34
Rub Salad40
Shepherd salad34
7 Mehmet Style Shepherd’s Salad40
Gombe Drinking Salad40
Spoon Salad34
Gavurdagi Salad42
Radish Salad with Tarator Sauce45
Fish Salad with Avocado Dressing60
Squid Salad100
Squid & Radish Salad with Tarator Sauce110

7 Mehmet Meats and Chickens Menu

Meatballs (Onion)60
Meatballs (with Cheddar Cheese)65
Lamb skewers80
Lamb Chops100
The mixed grill120
Veal Chops Wrap (Filled with Mushroom and Cheddar Cheese)120
Beef Tenderloin Medallion125
Beef Tenderloin Medallion (Cross Cut)135
Beef Tenderloin Medallion (With Mushroom & Cheddar Cheese)135
Beef Tenderloin Skewer125
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce (with pita bread roasted in butter)60
Meatball Shish with Tomato Sauce (with pita bread and yoghurt roasted in butter)65
Veal Chops (Thin-cut – Served with Stuffed Rice)95
Veal Chops (Roasted in Butter with Pita & Tomato Sauce)90
Veal Chops (Thick Cut)120
Tenderloin with Tomato Sauce125
Lamb Cover70
Lamb’s shank70
Lamb tandoori80
Steak Schnitzel95
Lamb Chops Schnitzel90
Beef Tenderloin Schnitzel (Cross-cut – with garlic and parsley sauce)135
Sauteed Meat65
Kurban Roast (Choose Classic Roasting- Juicy Roasting)80
Shepherd’s Style Roast Meat (with coarsely chopped tomatoes, green peppers and shallots)80
Hunter Style Roasted Meat (With Garlic, Onion and Thyme)85
Dry Meatballs & Mixed Roast90
Roasted Lamb with Eggplant Liked95
Stir-fried Beef Tenderloin (Bread fried in butter, spinach ravioli and accompanied by French fries)135
Chicken Shish55
Grilled chicken55
Grilled Chicken Wings55
Grilled Chicken with Mushroom & Cheddar Cheese75
Grilled Chicken with Tomato Sauce (Thin-sliced- With pita roasted in butter)55
Chicken schnitzel55
Chicken Schnitzel (With Mustard & Cheddar Cheese)70
Chicken Saute55
Shepherd’s Style Roasted Chicken55
Roasted Chicken with Soy Sauce55
Village Chicken & Stuffed Rice (As a whole chicken- Minimum order is taken 1 day before)450
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