Anzelha Restaurant Menu Ankara Turkey

Whether you are looking for menus of Ankara Turkish Restaurants or you are looking for information about the prices and the types of food that are served, we provide all the information you need to know about the menu: prices, types of food, etc. In our Turkey Restaurant Menus, we include information about the different types of food and drinks, the dishes, and the ingredients that are used in the dishes.

In Turkey, Anzelha is considered to be one of the leading restaurants, with a wide range of delicious menu items available on the menu. In addition to Kebabs and Pitas, this restaurant serves a wide range of other dishes as well, including sira night menu, soups, desserts, and much more. Furthermore, it offers gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and halal options for customers.

Anzelha Restaurant Drinks Menu

As part of our research, we reviewed the menus available at the restaurant to find out which dishes have the option of adding a healthy drinks to them. It is something that many Turkish restaurants lack, but on the Anzelha menu, you can choose from a healthy selection of cold and hot drinks.

Anzelha Restaurant Drinks Menu
Ayran 300 ML20.00₺
Dibek Coffee12.50₺
Mixed Juice20.00₺
Pepsi 330 ML20.00₺
Cola MAx 330 ML20.00₺
Lipton Peach 330 ML20.00₺
Mineral Water15.00₺
Turnip Juice20.00₺
Turnip Spicy20.00₺
Orange Juice30.00₺
Turkish Coffee15.00₺
7UP 330ML20.00₺

Anzelha Kebabs Menu

Anzelha Kebabs Menu
Adana and Lahmacun Wrap185₺
Adana Roll135₺
Adana Kebab135₺
Anzelha burger90₺
Anzelha child meatball90₺
Anzelha meatballs125₺
Anzelha mixed kebab for two people400₺
Anzelha mixed kebab for two people without chicken440₺
Anzelha mixed kebab for three people630₺
Anzelha mixed kebab for three people without chicken660₺
Baghdad Pan148₺
Beyti Donerden140₺
Birecik Kebab145₺
Pipe Kebab for two persons400₺
Pipe kebab for four persons800₺
Liver skewer135₺
Raw meatballs50₺
Tomato Kebab145₺
Doner and Lahmacun Wrap185₺
Doner Burger90₺
Doner Roll140₺
Doner roll with sauce and cheddar135₺
Poppy Kebab145₺
Stuffed Meatballs20₺
Mixed Skewer140₺
Kilis Pan for one person135₺
Kilis pan for two persons270₺
kilis pan for three persons405₺
Kilis Pan for four persons480₺
Lamb Chops165₺
Lamb Skewers155₺
Lamb Tandoori155₺
Fried Potatoes40₺
Eggplant Kebab145₺
Doner with rice134₺
Chicken Wing125₺
Urfa Wrap125₺
Urfa Kebab135₺
Leaf Kebab145₺
Adana with Yogurt140₺

Anzelha Restaurant Pitas Menu

Anzelha Restaurant Pitas Menu
Adana Pita140₺
Small Lahmacun20₺
Closed Doner with Cheese143₺
Covered Cheese Pita103₺
Mixed Pita128₺
Cheese Pita103₺
Meat and Cheddar Pita108₺
Meat Pita103₺
Pita with Cubed Cheddar Cheese125₺
Cubed Pita120₺
Hot Lahmacun65₺
Special Urfa Lahmacun Hot70₺
Bottom Plate Lahmacun45₺
Vegetarian Pita95₺

Anzelha Desserts and Soups Menu

Anzelha Desserts and Soups Menu
Ice Cream25₺
Semolina Halva with Ice Cream26₺
Pistachio Kunefe59₺
Rice Pudding40₺
Soup Of the day30₺
Anzelha Beyran75₺

Anzelha Breakfast and Other Flavors Menu

Anzelha Breakfast and Other Flavors Menu
Mixed Breakfast per person140₺
Small lahmacun20₺
Stuffed Meatballs20₺
Nuggets 420₺
Fried Potatoes40₺
Onion Rings22₺

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