Arabica Coffee House Menu Istanbul Turkey

Welcome to the menu of Arabica Coffee House Istanbul. If you love coffee and want to try something different than your normal café drink, then the Arabica coffee is the drink for you. It is very popular among the expats living in Istanbul and is a great start to any morning. The best thing about Arabica coffee is that it is a lot cheaper than any other types of coffee.

Arabica Coffee House Restaurant, located at 2nd floor in Kemankeşi Shopping Mall, is an independent coffee house serving Turkish coffees and teas. This coffeehouse has an elegant interior and provides pleasant, comfortable, and peaceful atmosphere for both individuals and groups. There are different kinds of coffee and tea offered here. The menu includes sandwiches, salads, cakes, and juices. This coffeehouse is open from 11 am to 9 pm daily.

Here, we are going to cover the details of the Arabica coffee menu. It’s important for you to know that the menu is subject to change. It depends on the season and the availability of the seasonal ingredients.

Arabica Coffee House Traditional Menu

Arabica Coffee House Traditional Menu
MenuPrice – SinglePrice – Double
Turkish Coffee8₺10₺
Dibek Coffee9.25₺12₺
Chai Tea Latte12₺15.25₺
Hot Chocolate12₺15.25₺
Kids Chocolate12₺N/A

Arabica Coffee House Hot Drinks Menu

Arabica Coffee House Hot Drinks Menu
MenuPrice – SmallPrice – MiddlePrice – Large
Ginger Flip13₺15₺17.50₺
Berry White Mocha13₺15₺17.50₺
Dark Coco13₺15₺17.50₺
Caramel Peanut13₺15₺17.50₺

Arabica Coffee House Frappes Menu

Mocha Frappe15.50₺
Karamel Frappe15.50₺
Vanilya Frappe15.50₺
Espresso Frappe14.75₺

Arabica Coffee House Smoothies Menu

Black Forrest14.50₺

Arabica Coffee House Cold Drinks Menu

Arabica Coffee House Cold Drinks Menu
MenuPrice – SmallPrice – MiddlePrice – Large
Mint Lemonade11.75₺13₺14.50₺
Black Forrest11.75₺13₺14.50₺

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