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Aspava is one of the most popular restaurant chains in Turkey, and they are very well known for their traditional Turkish dishes. I think this was a very nice change from sushi, as it had a very different flavor. The texture was very different from sushi, it was very light. There were little balls made out of wheat that were fried, and then covered with an egg mixture. They were delicious!

Do you want to know what the latest menu of Aspava Restaurant Istanbul is, here we have uploaded the complete menu of Aspava Restaurant Istanbul along with images and updated prices. We have categorized their menu as breakfast, Ice creams, desserts, Aspava special flavors, Beverages and Salads. All the data regarding Aspava Istanbul’s menu are taken from their official sources.

Aspava Breakfast Menu

A very well known Turkish breakfast restaurant in Istanbul and I really enjoyed the experience. The food was tasty, the service was great and the staff were all very friendly. This restaurant has a menu that changes seasonally, but I found the breakfast menu to be fairly consistent year round.

Aspava Breakfast Menu
30 Cesit Acik Bufe30.50₺
Sade Omelet6₺
Sahanda Yumurta6₺
Sucuklu Yumurta8₺
Kavurmali Yumurta10₺
Sucuklu menemen9₺
Kavurmali menemen10₺
Karisik Menemen11₺

Aspava Special Flavors Menu

Aspava special flavors menu has three kinds of hamburgers, one of them is sinitzil + salata + patates (spaghetti + tomato + potatoes). And you can also get kalıncık (sweetened cream) patates and icecek (sugar) patates. There is also icecek burger in special flavors menu. So we need to try this fast food in Istanbul. There is another interesting thing that you can eat here is chicken burger. Chicken burger is delicious, spicy and soft.

Sinitzil + Salata + Patates + icecek15₺
Hamburger + Patates + Icecek14₺
Aspava Kofte + Corba + Patates Salata18₺
Sosis Tabagi + Patates + Icecek13₺
Tavuk Pirzola + patates + salata +icecek17₺
Gordon Blue + Patates + Icecek15₺
10 Lahmacun + Salata + 1litr Coca cola30₺
20 Lahmacun + Salata + 2litr Coca cola60₺
30 Lahmacun + Salata + 3litr Coca cola90₺

Aspava Desserts Menu

Aspava Desserts Menu
Kibris Tatlisi7₺

Aspava Salads Menu

Aspava Salads Menu
Coban Salad6₺
Gobek Salad6₺
Mevsim Salad6₺
Ezme Salad6₺

Aspava Beverages Menu

Coca Cola3₺
Ice Tea Lemon3₺
Cappy Carisik3₺

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