Backyard Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

A cozy and charming eatery located in Istanbul, Turkey, Backyard Restaurant offers delicious Turkish cuisine. A peaceful courtyard tucks the restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing diners with a tranquil escape. The rustic decor at Backyard complements the natural surroundings and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Simple wooden tables and chairs are arranged in the seating area, and a touch of greenery adds to the ambiance. In the evenings, soft lighting and candles create a romantic atmosphere.

With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, the menu at Backyard restaurant combines Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. A wide selection of dishes is offered, including traditional meze plates and hearty meat and fish dishes. It is also possible to order vegetarian options.

Sustainability is one of Backyard restaurant’s standout features. Whenever possible, the restaurant uses organic ingredients, avoids using single-use plastics or harmful chemicals, and sources its ingredients locally. The restaurant’s eco-friendly practices are reflected in the food as well as in the dedication to sustainability.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the backyard restaurant for its live music performances and private parties. Reservations are recommended during peak times, especially during lunch and dinner. Despite its hidden status in Istanbul, Backyard restaurant offers delicious food, a charming atmosphere, and is committed to sustainability. A meal here is the perfect way to relax with friends or family.

Backyard Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Backyard Breakfast Menu

Backyard Restaurant Warm Starters, Salads and Pizzas Menu

Backyard warm starters , salads and pizzas menu

Backyard Winter Cocktail Menu

Backyard Winter Cocktail Menu

Backyard Restaurant Wine Menu

Backyard Restaurant Wine Menu

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