Beyaz Firin Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Beyaz Firin Restaurant is one of the best Turkish restaurants in Istanbul. It serves a variety of delicious foods ranging from meze to kebabs, pastries, and more. You can easily find this restaurant on the Bosphorus, one of Istanbul’s main waterways.

As far as visitors are concerned, the hotel’s staff is courteous and professional. This restaurant offers a high level of quality service, which shows a high level of commitment to its customers. The ambiance of this place is one of the most spectacular things you will experience when you enter.

Take your chance at Beyaz Firin if you have never ever tried Turkish cuisine before and would like to have a taste of it. This is a great place to eat zeama, pasta and sandwiches since they serve good and tasty food. The pleasure of tasting their delicious profiteroles, simit, and halo-halo can never be compared to anywhere else in the world.

They also offer some vegetarian options for diners. Beyaz Firin is known for their grilled kebabs, falafel, and Turkish dolma. All of these dishes come with various sides, salads, breads, and juices. Here we will go over the Beyaz Firin menu, including dishes, drinks, sides, appetizers, and desserts.

Beyaz Firin Cakes and Buns Menu

Beyaz Firin Cakes and Buns Menu
Intense Chocolate Cake212₺
Cocoa Marbre Cake135₺
Lemon Poppy Cake135₺
White Chocolate Brownie in the Hoop320₺
Tahini and Walnut Muffin57₺
Intense Chocolate Giant Cookie55₺
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie55₺
White Chocolate Brownie62₺
Mini Souffle71₺
Chocolate Cherry Muffin Cake42₺
Easter buns46₺

Beyaz Firin Pastries and Sandwiches Menu

Beyaz Firin Pastries and Sandwiches Menu
Spinach Tray Pastry56₺
Homemade Pastries22₺
Meat Pie56₺
Cheese Pie56.25₺
Mini Roll Sandwich with Feta Cheese22₺
Smoked Turkey Mini Roll Sandwich22₺
Sourdough White Cheese Sandwich60₺
Sourdough Mixed Sandwich75₺
Smoked Turkey Beef Ham Pita Sandwich75₺
3 Cheese Bagel Sandwich80₺
Smoked Beef Bagel Sandwich90₺
Mini Roll Sandwich with Mozzarella22₺
Smoked Turkey Potato Sandwich80₺
Mini Bagel Sandwich with Labneh Cheese30₺

Beyaz Firin Sweet and Salty Flavors Menu

Beyaz Firin Sweet and Salty Flavors Menu
Thessaloniki Flakes100₺
Meringue with Nuts95₺
Dry Bundle65₺
Sorgül Flour and Hazelnut Raisin Cookies (250 gr)70₺

Beyaz Firin Milky Desserts Menu

Beyaz Firin Milky Desserts Menu
Almond Keşkul75₺
Strawberry Banana Biscuit Custard75₺
White Chocolate Raspberry Profiterole80₺
Chocolate Pistachio Profiterole80₺
Bakery Rice Pudding75₺

Beyaz Firin Breads Menu

Beyaz Firin Breads Menu
Siyez Flour Bread45₺
Kars Flour Bread64₺
Buckwheat Bread64₺
Sorgül Flour Bread64₺
10 Pieces of Mini Hamburger Bread40₺
Quadruple Hamburger Bread37₺
Sourdough Bread with Olives60₺
Sourdough Walnut Bread (550 g)75₺
Sourdough Plain Bread37₺
Sourdough Rye Bread (650g)60₺

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