Cucina Makkarna Restaurant Menu – Ankara Turkey Updated-2024

Cucina Makkarna in Ankara, Turkey, presents a delightful culinary journey, showcasing a fusion of traditional Turkish flavors with a modern twist. The menu starts with an array of appetizers, such as the flavorful ‘Meze Platter’, which includes a selection of local cheeses, olives, and homemade bread, accompanied by unique dips like walnut tarator and spicy ezme. Another highlight is the ‘Çıtır Kalamar’, crispy fried calamari served with a tangy aioli, perfect for starting your meal on a high note.

The main course section is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to blending Turkish culinary heritage with contemporary tastes. Signature dishes include the ‘Anadolu Kebap’, a succulent combination of grilled meats marinated in aromatic spices, and the ‘Deniz Mahsülleri Güveç’, a seafood casserole with fresh herbs and a rich tomato base, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean. Vegetarian options are equally impressive, with dishes like the ‘Izgara Sebze Tabağı’, a grilled vegetable platter drizzled with pomegranate molasses and olive oil, providing a lighter yet flavorful choice.

Desserts at Cucina Makkarna are a sweet homage to Turkish traditions. The ‘Baklava Duo’, offering both pistachio and walnut varieties, is a must-try, alongside the ‘Kazandibi’, a caramelized milk pudding with a hint of mastic. For a refreshing end, the ‘Meyve Tabağı’, a platter of seasonal fruits, serves as a perfect palate cleanser. The restaurant’s ambiance, combined with its innovative menu, makes “Cucina Makkarna” a memorable dining experience in the heart of Ankara.


Cucina Makkarna Restaurant Starters Menu Updated-2024


Bruschetta45 TL
Mozzarella Sticks50 TL
Calamari Fritti65 TL
Caprese Salad40 TL
Antipasto55 TL
Cucina Makkarna is one of the best food places in Ankara, Turkey, where you would have a comfortable environment and great food menus This small restaurant serves up some of the most delicious pasta dishes in the city. The menu features various pasta dishes, from classic spaghetti carbonara to more creative combinations. All the cooking staff are highly professional and well-skilled. The food ingredients are fresh and put on fire under proper supervision.

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Cucina Makkarna Restaurant Pasta Menu Updated-2024


Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Carbonara75 TL
Fettuccine Alfredo75 TL
Lasagna80 TL
Ravioli65 TL
Spaghetti Bolognese65 TL
Pesto Pasta55 TL
Seafood Pasta85 TL
Cucina Makkarna Special85 TL

Cucina Makkarna Restaurant Desserts Menu Updated-2024

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Tiramisu35 TL
Gelato40 TL
Profiteroles50 TL
Chocolate Lava Cake35 TL

Cucina Makkarna Restaurant Drinks Menu Updated-2024


Soft Drinks10 TL
Beer15 TL
Wine by the glass20-30 TL
Wine by the bottle100-200 TL
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