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Located in Ankara, Turkey, Eksi Maya is a popular bakery and café with a wide range of specialties. A beloved destination for locals and visitors alike, Eksi Maya is famous for its artisanal breads, pastries, and savory dishes.

Two brothers founded the bakery in 2010: Ahmet and Murat Arslan. They wanted to share that same level of quality and attention to detail that they learned from their grandfather with a wider audience by using traditional bread-making techniques. There is an open kitchen in the bakery where customers can watch the bakers at work.

With no preservatives or artificial additives, Eksi Maya uses only natural ingredients with traditional methods. There are several types of bread available at the bakery, including sourdough, rye, whole wheat, and more. In addition to croissants and danishes, they also make daily pastries.

As well as offering baked goods, Eksi Maya also offers a full-service café for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are used in a range of Turkish and international dishes on the menu. Given below, you can checkout their complete menu along with images and updated prices which are taken from their official sources.

Eksi Maya Breads Menu

Eksi Maya Breads Menu
Whole Wheat Plain 45₺
Whole Wheat with Olives50₺
Whole Wheat with Walnut56₺
Blueberry & Rosemary Whole Wheat Bread56₺
Chickpea Leavened Village Bread45₺
Potato Bread45₺
Whole Rye Plain45₺
Whole Rye Walnut56₺
Whole Rye Grain56₺
Einkorn Bread45₺
Buckwheat Bread (Gluten Free)60₺
Sourdough Toast Bread32₺
Seed Einkorn Bread45₺
Hamburger bread96₺

Eksi Maya Pastas & Noodles Menu

Eksi Maya Pastas & Noodles Menu
Einkorn Noodles45₺
Whole Wheat Noodles40₺
Spinach Noodles47₺
Rye Auger Pasta58₺
Thin Einkorn Stick56₺
Red Lentil Sticks58₺
Green Lentil Sticks59₺
Turmeric Stick58₺
Vegan Bonatelli Pasta56₺

Eksi Maya Cookies Menu

Eksi Maya Cookies Menu
Almond Flour Cookies180₺
Walnut & Grape & Buckwheat60₺
Baby Cookies (Carob Flour)60₺
Walnut & Orange60₺
Blueberry & Oatmeal54₺
Cocoa & Hazelnut60₺

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