Emily’s Garden Menu Istanbul Turkey

At Emily’s Garden Restaurant Istanbul, you’ll experience a fantastic combination of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful garden setting. Located just a few steps from the Bosphorus, this restaurant is situated in Bebek, a trendy neighborhood in Istanbul. You can enjoy some of the city’s most delicious cuisine in an elegant and relaxed ambiance.

As you enter Emily’s Garden, you are greeted by an atmosphere that is serene and inviting. In its lush garden, the restaurant is surrounded by greenery and has a beautiful water fountain in its center. A sophisticated yet comfortable feeling is created by the dining area’s elegant decor, soft lighting, and modern artwork.

Private dining is one of Emily’s Garden’s unique features. There is a separate section of the garden dedicated to private dining. A private party, intimate dinner, or special event can be held in this area. With soft lighting, comfortable seating, and a personal waiter to attend to your every need, the space is beautifully decorated.

On the restaurant’s menu, you will find a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, all of which have been expertly prepared and cooked. Every effort is made to source local ingredients whenever possible, so the dishes only use fresh, high-quality ingredients. Among the menu items are vegetarian and meat dishes, as well as gluten-free and vegan dishes.

Slow-cooked lamb shank is one of Emily’s Garden’s signature dishes. The meat is tender and juicy, resulting in a deliciously juicy dish. There is a side of fragrant rice, roasted vegetables, and a homemade sauce that complements the lamb perfectly. Seafood platters are also popular, featuring an assortment of fish and shrimp grilled with lemon and herbs. Given bellow is their complete menu along with updated prices.

Emily’s Garden Breakfast Menu

Emily's Garden Breakfast Menu

Emily’s Garden Other Flavors Menu

Emily's Garden Other Flavors Menu

Emily’s Garden Main Course and Desserts Menu

Emily's Garden Main Course and Desserts Menu

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