Emirgan Sutis Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

As one of the renowned restaurants in Istanbul, Emirgan Sutis Offers delicious meals as well as a panoramic view of the Bosphorus. Aside from the friendly staff, you can also be assured that the food will be delicious.

In addition to having breakfast and dinner, Emirgan Sutis is also a great place for lunch. The menu at Emirgan Sütiş offers a variety of healthy options to choose from. Below is the complete Menu of Emirgan Sutis along with updated prices and images which are taken from the official website the restaurant.

Emirgan Sutis Breakfast Menu

We would love to share with you all about the Emirgan Sutis breakfast menu and sandwiches menu. We are going to describe them to you in detail.

Emirgan Sutis has a breakfast menu that you should check out. There are five breakfasts available here. You can choose between different types of breakfast which include omelet, breakfast sandwich, muffins, coffee, and juice. Omelets are made with eggs from only the best-quality eggs in the market and they are cooked to perfection. Some of the breakfast sandwiches include a cheese sandwich, ham, tuna salad, or vegetarian. Other items on the breakfast menu include coffee and juices. The specialty drinks here are fruit juices and cold smoothies.

The sandwiches are also very good. They have two types of sandwiches that you can choose from: chicken, vegetable, tuna, vegetarian, and ham.

In terms of the lunch and dinner menus at Emirgan Sutis, it is another great option. It offers several sandwiches, salads, appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts. Some of the sandwiches are egg, chicken, hamburger, turkey, vegetarian, and pork. Other items on the menu include a cheese sandwich, soup, salad, hot dogs, and vegetables.

Emirgan Sutis Breakfast Menu
Bal Kaymak19₺
Koy Kaymagi16₺
Manda Kaymagi22₺
Peynir Tabagi38₺
Sogus Tabagi19₺
tereyagi bal14₺
tereyagi tulum15₺
izgara hellim18₺
gunluk dil peyniri14₺
Eski Kasar17₺
Tulum Peyniri14₺
Taze Kasar12₺
Sarkuteri tabagi38₺
kaysiri pastermasi20₺
patates tava14₺
manda yogurdu14₺
ceviz tabagi13₺

Emirgan Sutis Sandwiches Menu

Emirgan Sutis Sandwiches Menu
Ezine Beyaz Peynirli Sandvic25₺
Izgara Sebzeli Sandvic25₺
Ton Balikli Sandvic27₺
Sarkuterili Sandvic29₺
Doner Sandvic28₺

Emirgan Sutis Salads Menu

Emirgan Sutis Salads Menu
Mevsim Salatasi27₺
Akdeniz Salatasi27₺
Coban salata27₺
Mozzarella Salatasi32₺
Tavuklu Salata34₺
Ton Balikli Salata34₺
Lor Soslu Detox Salata27₺
Tulum Peynirli Salata31₺
Izgara hellim Salatasi35₺
Sezar Salatasi27₺

Emirgan Sutis Desserts Menu

Emirgan Sutis Desserts Menu
Sutis Muhallebi18₺
Firin Sutlac17₺
Su Muhallebisi17₺
Sakizli Muhallebi17₺
Incirli Muhallebi17₺
Krem Sokola17₺
Meyvi Tabagi21₺
Ekmek Kadayifi15₺
Ayva Tatlisi15₺
Kabak tatlisi15₺
Fistikli Baklava25₺

Emirgan Sutis Breads Menu

Ekmek Sepeti4₺
Cevizli Cavdar8.5₺
Diyabet Ekmegi7₺
Roll Ekmek Cesitleri1.5₺
Roll Ekmek Sade1₺
Fransiz Baget8.50₺
Geleneksel Rus Ekmegi5₺
Kepek Ekmegi8.50₺
Ramazan Pidesi6₺
Tam Bugday8.50₺
yedi tahilli8.50₺
Yelbasi Ekmegi3₺
Zeytinli cavdar8.50₺

Emirgan Sutis Beverages Menu

Organik cay7₺
Demleme Bitki cayi13.5₺
Sicak Kicolata14₺
turk Kahvesi13₺
Double Espresso16₺
Caffe Latte16₺
Ice Americano15₺
soğuk içecek (fanta , Coca cola, Sprite)10₺
Balli Muzlu Sut15₺
maden Suyu6₺
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