Garden 1897 Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Have you ever been to Istanbul? Perhaps for a vacation or business trip? At Garden 1897, a famous restaurant in Istanbul Turkey, you can enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine that is served in a traditional Turkish atmosphere. There is a stunning view of the Bosphorus strait from the top floor of Garden 1897, which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul overlooking the Asian side of the city.

The rich flavor culture is a gift of history, and Garden 1897 Restaurant offers it in its original form in the 21st century. In other words, they create a timeline through which you can switch between centuries and take you on a delicious journey accompanied by master chefs. There is a buffet style menu, so you can choose whatever you want to eat. You can order and eat anything on the menu.

Here we are going to share with you complete menus of Garden 1897 Istanbul. The menu is categorized as cold appetizers, hot appetizers, Salads, Vegetarian, Anatolian Cuisine, Ottoman Cuisine, International Cuisine, Fishes, and Desserts.

Garden 1897 Cold Appetizers Menu

Garden 1897 Cold Appetizers Menu
Hot Paste72₺
Imam Bayıldı80₺
Stuffed Leaves72₺
Eggplant Stuffed80₺
Pepper Stuffed80₺
Carrot Tarator72₺
Mixed Mezze242₺
Cheese Plate280₺

Garden 1897 Hot Appetizers Menu

Garden 1897 Hot Appetizers Menu
Lentil Soup42₺
Mushrooms Soup50₺
Fish Soup115₺
Mixed Hot Dolma Plate135₺
Fried Calamarı220₺
Grilled Stuffed Calamar265₺
Shrimps in Butter270₺
Pacanga Pastry110₺
Moonshine Pastry110₺
Mixed Rolled Pastry210₺
Grilled Hellim Cheese135₺
French Fries65₺
Mushrooms in Oven115₺

Garden 1897 Salads Menu

Garden 1897 Salads Menu
Greek Salad95₺
Caesar Salad135₺
Parmesan Arugula Salad160₺
Cappressa Salad160₺
Tuna Salad175₺
Seafood Salad175₺

Garden 1897 Vegetarian Dishes Menu

Garden 1897 Vegetarian Dishes Menu
Vegetabe Couscous150₺
Vegetarian Hindu165₺
Vegetarian in Casserole150₺
Grilled Vegetables150₺

Garden 1897 Anatolian Cuisine Menu

Garden 1897 Anatolian Cuisine Menu
Adana Kebab175₺
Chicken Sish Kebab165₺
Ali Nazik Kebab215₺
Grilled Meat Balls175₺
Eggplant Kebab200₺
Lamb or Beef Shish Kebab260₺
Lamb Chops310₺
Garden 1897 Kebab Assortment730₺
Çoban Kavurma225₺
Lamb / Beef or Chicken Casserole200₺

Garden 1897 Ottoman Cuisine Menu

Garden 1897 Ottoman Cuisine Menu
Hünkar Favorite255₺
Sultan Stuffed Chicken215₺
Gardens Chef Special Bohça295₺
Prince Chickens230₺
Lamb Shank Tandouri345₺
Beef Ribs330₺
Baked Lamb Shoulder (Two Person)870₺
Lamb Ribs330₺
Pottery Kebab (Two Person)750₺

Garden 1897 International Cuisine Menu

Lamb Medallion330₺
T-Bone Steak390₺
Filet Mignon335₺
Pepper Steak335₺
Sorf and Turf440₺
Chicken Schnitzel190₺
Chicken Americano215₺
Mothers Grill Chicken215₺
Stealer Chicken215₺
Naked Tropical Chicken215₺
Sultan Awakener Steal380₺
Chickens Nightmare215₺

Garden 1897 Fishes Cuisines Menu

Garden 1897 Fishes Cuisines Menu
Grilled Sea Bream220₺
Grilled Sea Bass220₺
Grilled Salmon280₺
Fish Kebap240₺
Fish Winding280₺
Octopus in Casserole440₺
Shrimps in Casserole270₺
Jumbo Shrimps520₺
Mixed Grilled Fished (Two Person)

Garden 1897 Desserts Menu

Rice Pudding80₺
Chocolate Souffle90₺
Fruits Plate100₺
Ice Cream80₺

Garden 1897 Ice Coffee Menu

Ice Amerikano55₺
Ice Latte55₺
Ice Latte Caramel55₺
Ice Latte Chocolate55₺

Garden 1897 French Press Tea Menu

Sea Tea55₺
Pomegranate Tea55₺
Green Tea55₺
Mix Tea55₺
Chamomile Tea55₺
Turkish Tea55₺
Turkish Fruit Tea55₺
Herbal Green Tea55₺

Garden 1897’s Gallery

garden 1897 gallery

garden 1897 gallery3

garden 1897 gallery2

garden 1897 gallery1

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