Gulyurt Pastanesi Restaurant Menu Afyonkarahisar Turkey

Afyonkarahisar, Turkey is home to the famous Gulyurt Pastanesi restaurant. As one of the area’s oldest and most established restaurants, it has been serving locals and visitors since 1963. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it has become a popular spot for those looking for traditional Turkish cuisine.

Locals and tourists alike can easily access Gulyurt Pastanesi since it is located in the city center. Located on a quiet street, the restaurant is away from the hustle and bustle of the main thoroughfare. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, the restaurant has a cozy and inviting ambiance.

The menu at Gulyurt Pastanesi includes lamb kebabs, grilled meats, stews, and casseroles. This Turkish restaurant’s specialty is Kaymakli Mant, which is a type of dumpling topped with melted butter and chili flakes and served with creamy kaymak. Additionally, there are vegetarian options on the menu, including spinach and feta cheese pastries and lentil-based meatballs.

Sweet treats are also well known at Gulyurt Pastanesi in addition to its savory dishes. There is an array of traditional Turkish desserts prepared by the restaurant’s pastry chef, including phyllo dough-based Baklava and Sütlaç, a creamy rice pudding with cinnamon and vanilla. Additionally, Turkish teas and coffee are available at the restaurant, which are perfect to enjoy with dessert.

Anyone traveling to Afyonkarahisar should not miss Gulyurt Pastanesi. It is no surprise that it has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike due to its delicious traditional Turkish cuisine, warm and inviting atmosphere, and exceptional service. It is the perfect place to gather with friends and family or to indulge in some sweet treats.

Gulyurt Pastanesi Breakfast and Meat Menu

Gulyurt Pastanesi Breakfast and Meat Menu
Gulyurt Breakfast155₺
Classic Breakfast105₺
Cheese plate75₺
Plus Breakfast(2 Person)325₺
Serpme Village Breakfast305₺
Cold Cuts Platter65₺
Ali Nazik190₺
Tenderloin Fajitas245₺
Dallas Steak330₺
Beef Hair Roast200₺
Veal Sardone220₺
Hittite Sun215₺
Grilled meat balls175₺
Mixed Grill Plate255₺
Meatball Fajitas190₺
Turkish delight260₺
Steak in Oak250₺
New York Steak220₺
Automan Steak190₺
Shashlik Pan230₺
Pan Liver155₺
Summer Meatballs185₺

Gulyurt Pastanesi Snacks, Burgers and Sandwiches Menu

Gulyurt Pastanesi Snacks, Burgers and Sandwiches Menu
Bonfrit Potatoes70₺
Chicken Fingers110₺
Crispy Chicken110₺
Scalloped potatoes70₺
Mushrooms with Cheese in Casserole90₺
Mixed Hot Basket145₺
Cheddar Breaded90₺
Pacanga Pastry100₺
Cigarette Pie85₺
Sausage Basket85₺
Afyon Sausage Bread100₺
Bazlama Tenderloin Sandwich140₺
Bazlama Chicken Sandwich100₺
Our Sandwich105₺
Cheese Steak Sandwich140₺
Gulyurt Burger150₺
Crispy Chicken Sandwich105₺
Classic Big Burger135₺
Classic Cheeseburger125₺
Classic Hamburger120₺
Mini Burger Plate of 4175₺
Mini Burger Plate 6 Pieces205₺
Mini Steak Plate120₺
Chicken Burger140₺
Chicken Sauteed Sandwich115₺

Gulyurt Pastanesi Salads and Toasts Menu

Gulyurt Pastanesi Salads and Toasts Menu
Mediterranean Salad110₺
Almond Warm Chicken Salad120₺
Grilled Salad with BBQ Sauce130₺
Beef Salad180₺
Fried Goat Cheese Salad110₺
Fried Village Cheese Salad110₺
Meatball Green Salad135₺
Roasted Eggplant Salad105₺
Caesar salad135₺
Ayvalik Toast95₺
Canteen Toast90₺
Mixed Toast85₺
Cheese Toast75₺
Sausage Cheese Toast85₺

Gulyurt Pastanesi Desserts Menu

Ankara Wrap280₺
Walnut Baklava180₺
Pistachio baklava220₺
Mussel Baklava280₺
Cold Baklava230₺
Green Wrap390₺
Alaçatı Rice Pudding75₺
Chocolate Souffle75₺
Strawberry Trayful75₺
Italian Tiramisu75₺
Forest Fruit Red Velvet40₺

Gulyurt Pastanesi Cakes and Pizzas Menu

Gulyurt Pastanesi Cakes and Pizzas Menu
Red Velvet180₺
Christmas Design Cake170₺
Pineapple Almond Pie170₺
Chocolate Banana Cake170₺
Chocolate cake170₺
Pistachio Chocolate Cake170₺
Mixed Fruit Cake170₺
Forest Fruit Cake180₺
Mixed pizza140₺
Special Gulyurt Pizza150₺
Pizza Lahmacun125₺
Pizza Magarita120₺
Pizza with Sausage140₺

Gulyurt Pastanesi Wraps and Eggs Menu

Succulent Quasedilla120₺
Chicken Quasedilla105₺
Wrap Meaty140₺
Wrap Chicken115₺
Mixed Omelette80₺
Cheddar Omelet75₺
Fried Egg95₺
Minced Egg90₺
Village Style Menemen95₺
Mushroom Omelette75₺
Fried Menemen75₺
Fried Egg with Sausage85₺
Fried Egg70₺
Sausage Pan95₺

Gulyurt Pastanesi Cold Drinks Menu

Cappy Mixed23₺
Cappy Cherry23₺
Coca Cola25₺
Coca-Cola Light25₺
Coca-Cola Zero25₺
Fuse Tea Lemon23₺
Fuse Tea Mango23₺
Fuse Tea Peach23₺
red bull40
Schweppes Lemon23₺
Schweppes Tangerine23₺
Soda Strawberry20₺
Soda Lemon20₺
Soda Plain20₺
Soda Sprite25₺
Soda Cherry20₺

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