Happy Moon’s Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Happy Moon’s is an Asian restaurant located in Istanbul, Turkey. Below you will find a summary of Happy Moon’s menu, as well as our recommendations for what you should eat at Happy Moon. There is really something amazing on the menu of Happy moon’s. A wide range of food is available on this restaurant’s menu. For example, there are appetizers such as falafel, shish kebab, hummus, samsa, meze, kofte, salad, and tabbouleh. And for the main course they have a variety of meat dishes such as kisir, döner, kofte, salat, lahmacun, shish kebab, and more.

“Pide” is the second course. It is a type of Turkish flatbread, a great accompaniment to many of the dishes at Happy Moon’s.

The third course is referred to as “Sofa,” which means “sofa,” or “chair.” Sofas are filled with various dishes, including vegetarian choices.

The fourth course is “Müzeler,” which means “drinkers.” The snacks served are part of the course

You will find this menu to be especially useful if you are searching for a Turkish restaurant menu. A very reasonable price can be found at Happy Moon for food that tastes great. We have categorized their menu as breakfast menu, Salads, Happy Moon’s special foods menu, and Beverages. All the images and updated prices are listed below.

Happy Moon’s Breakfast Menu

Happy Moon's Breakfast Menu
Serpme Kahvalti89₺
Panini Tost19₺
Kahvalti Tabagi39₺
Meyveli Pankek22₺
Mini Kahvalti28₺
Sucuklu Yumurta22₺
Kaşarlı Tost20₺
Sahanda Sucuk15₺
Sucuklu Kaşarlı Tost24₺
Karışık Omlet26₺
Bal & Kaymak22₺
Peynirli Omlet22₺
Yengen Tost24₺
Sahanda Sosis15₺
Sporcu Omlet19₺
Sosisli Omlet20₺
Mantarlı Omlet22₺
Jambonlu Omlet22₺

Happy Moon’s Salads Menu

Happy Moon's Salads Menu
Falafel Salata32₺
Kinoa Tavuk Salata31₺
Şişte Köfte Salata38₺
Cajun Chicken Salata34₺
Greek Salata33₺
Sezar Salata29₺
Akdeniz Salatası26₺
Tavuk Salatası34₺
Ton Balıklı Salata40₺
Beef Salata49₺
Sezar Ton Balıklı Salata43₺

Happy Moon’s Burgers Menu

Happy Moon's Burgers Menu
Happy Moon’s Burger39₺
BBQ Burger39.90₺
Mexican Burger38₺
Jumbo Cheese Burger53₺
Chicken Burger32₺
Mac and Cheese Burger37₺
Cheese Burger38₺
Mushroom Burger39₺
Jumbo Burger52₺

Happy Moon’s Pizzas Menu

Happy Moon's Pizzas Menu
Karışık Pizza39₺
Happy Pizza41₺
BBQ Beef Asada Pizza44₺
Mexican Pizza38₺
Margarita Pizza30₺
Sebzeli Pizza33₺
Napolitan Pizza35₺
Jambonlu Pizza36₺
Mantarlı Pizza34₺
Dört Peynirli Pizza46₺
Ton Balıklı Pizza45₺

Happy Moon’s Desserts Menu

Happy Moon's Desserts Menu
Kızarmış Dondurma21₺
Frambuazlı Soğuk Cheesecake19₺
Paris Brest20₺
Banana Split21₺
Çilekli Pasta20₺
Waffle Cup22₺
Brownie Dondurmalı22₺
Dolce Vita19₺
Cup Denmark19₺
Oreolu Cheesecake20.90₺
Limonlu Cheesecake20.90₺
Hot Chocolate Cake20.90₺
Chocolate Tower21.90₺
Meyve Tabağı28₺

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