Komagene Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

In 2005, Komagene opened its first branch in Istanbul, taking its brand name from the Commagene Civilization that spanned 163 BC to 72 AD. Commagene masters have transformed raw meatballs, a historical flavor of Anatolia, into healthy, delicious, and high-quality products.

Raw meatballs became known as a global taste only due to Komagene branded products, which in a short time were associated with indescribable passion, making raw meatballs a name to remember. As a result of this success, Komagene is now engaged in a competitive position in the Turkish market as a sector leader.

In order to make things easier for you, we have uploaded the complete menu of Komagene Restaurant along with the images and updated prices.

Komagene Appetizers Menu

Komagene Appetizers Menu
American Salad19.50₺
Spicy Paste19.50₺
Kidney Bean Stew19.50₺
Carrot Tarator19.50₺
Eggplant Salad19.50₺
Eggplant Mash19.50₺
Leaf Wrapping21.50₺
Hot Atom21.00₺
Women’s Budu Meatballs (Pack of 3)27.50₺
Stuffed Pistachio Dried Eggplant27.50₺
Pistachio Stuffed Peppers27.50₺
Albanian Liver41.50₺

Komagene Desserts Menu

Komagene Desserts Menu
Danette Chocolate / Hazelnut (100gr)4.50₺
Damascus Dessert17.50₺
Semolina Halva (120gr)11.00₺
Semolina Halva (250gr)21.00₺
Cheese Halva Varieties17.50₺
Cheese Dessert17.50₺
Chicken breast19.50₺
Cherry Chocolate19.50₺
Bakery Rice Pudding19.50₺
Velvet Dessert22.50₺
Cyprus Dessert22.50₺

Komagene Soups Menu

Komagene Soups Menu
Spring soup13.50₺
Ezogelin Soup13.50₺
Lentil soup13.50₺
Chicken Soup13.50₺

Komagene Special Meal Menu

Komagene Special Meal Menu
Chicken Liver Sauteed24₺
Roasted Chicken Liver34₺
Chicken saute41.50₺
Stone Baked Mucver24₺
Penne Arabiatta19.50₺
Spaghetti Bolognese23.50₺
Rice with vegetables17₺
Almond Rice17₺
Rice with chickpeas21.50₺
Chicken Chickpea Rice (200gr)24₺
Chicken Chickpea Rice (700gr)56.50₺
Plenty of Chicken and Chickpea Rice (500gr)56.50₺
Meatballs on Rice24₺
Roast Liver on Rice26₺
Roasted Meat on Rice39₺

Komagene Meatballs Menu

Komagene Meatballs Menu
Green Joker Serving 500gr59₺
Raw Meatball Wrap17.50₺
Mega Wrap21₺
Ultra Mega Edition24₺
Double Wrap27₺
Raw Meatball Roll with Doritos5₺
Raw Meatballs 200gr29.50₺
Raw Meatballs 400gr53₺
Raw Meatballs 600gr75₺
Raw Meatballs 800gr95₺
Raw Meatballs 1000gr115₺
Raw Meatballs in Package 600gr75₺
İkili Tako38₺
Doritoslu İkili Tako42.50₺
Stuffed Meatballs Large13.25₺
Stuffed Meatballs Large (Set of 2)26.50₺
Meatballs with Kibbeh Medium (4 Pieces)39₺
Stuffed Meatballs Small (Set of 6)26.50₺

Komagene Beverages Menu

Komagene Beverages Menu
Ayran (195ml)7₺
Ayran (290ml)9₺
Ayran (1000ml)23₺
Pickles in a Glass4₺
Lemonade in a Glass4₺
Lemon Pickle Juice (300ml5.50₺
Komagene Hot Turnip (300ml)7.50₺
Komagene Bitterless Turnip (300ml)7.50₺
Turnip Small8.50₺
Organic Turnip Small11₺
Pepsi/Yedigün/Fruko (330ml)12.50₺
Lipton Ice Tea (330ml)12.50₺
Dimes Fruit Juice (250ml)12.50₺
Lemon Pickle Juice (1lt)12.50₺
Komagene Spicy Turnip (1000ml)17.50₺
Komagene Bitterless Turnip(1000ml)17.50₺
Turnip (1000ml)16₺
Pepsi/Yedigün/Fruko (1000ml)23₺
Lipton Ice Tea (1000ml)23₺
Organic Turnip (1000ml)27.50₺
Red Bull Energy Drink25₺

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