Konoha Acibadem Menu Istanbul Turkey

Located in the Acibadem neighborhood on the Asian side of the city, Konoha Acibadem is a well known sushi restaurant in Istanbul Turkey. The restaurant is famous for its authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine, fresh ingredients and an inviting dinner atmosphere.

Its signature dishes include sushi, tempura, yakitori, and teriyaki, and it also serves a variety of other Japanese dishes. There is a diverse menu of meat and seafood that includes thai teriac, beef with asparagus, hot jumbo shrimp, shanghai sea bass, salmon with teriyaki sauce. It also offers vegetarian options such as tofu stir-fry, as well as teriyaki chicken, beef, or salmon for those who prefer cooked dishes.

Their commitment to serving only fresh ingredients is one of their most noteworthy features. Every piece of sushi at the restaurant is prepared from the freshest fish and other seafood sourced from the best suppliers in Istanbul and nearby.

Overall, it’s a great place for anyone who wants delicious, authentic Japanese food in Istanbul. The fresh ingredients, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere provide the ideal environment that makes you feel at home whether you’re in the mood for sushi, sashimi, or other Japanese and Chinese dishes. Lets check their menu one by one in detail.

Konoha Acibadem Beginnings and Salads Menu

Konoha Acibadem Beginnings and Salads Menu
Spring Rolls68₺
Steamed Dumplings83₺
Duck Wrap115₺
Shrimp Chips64₺
Mongolian Work Chicken94₺
Ring Squid110₺
Atom Shrimp160₺
Crispy Shrimp150₺
Beef Gyoza93₺
Crispy Breaded Chicken85₺
Hot Cabbage Salad…78₺
Chinese Salad78₺
Sea Bass Salad125₺
Crab Salad130₺

Konoha Acibadem Soups Menu

Konoha Acibadem Soups Menu
Wonton Soup71₺
Hot Sour Sour…65₺
Chicken Corn Cream65₺
Seafood Cream84₺
Tom Gagai103₺
Miso Soup81₺
Vegetable Soup65₺
Meat Ramen127₺
Shoyu Ramen154₺
Naruto Ramen158₺
Vegetable Udon Soup…105₺
Chicken Udon Soup115₺
Meaty Udon Soup122₺
Shrimp Udon Soup…131₺

Konoha Acibadem Meats and Seafoods Menu

Konoha Acibadem Meats and Seafoods Menu
Almond Chicken130₺
Chicken with Curry Sauce130₺
Mixed Vegetables…128₺
Sweet Sour Sauce…129₺
Thai Teriac133₺
Veal with Mixed Vegetables170₺
Spicy Mushroom Beef172₺
Beef with Oyster Sauce172₺
Peppered Beef172₺
Beef with Asparagus186₺
Crispy Beef178₺
Crispy Beef with Lemon Sauce179₺
Thai Style Beef with Cashews175₺
Hot Jumbo Shrimp199₺
Shrimp with Sweet Sour Sauce199₺
Shrimp with Vegetables199₺
Mixed Vegetables…195₺
Garlic Sauce Snow…230₺
Shanghai Sea Bass191₺
Steamed Salmon225₺
Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce228₺
Salmon with Sweet Sour Sauce159₺
Asparagus Shrimp188₺

Konoha Acibadem Vegetables and Noodles Menu

Mixed Vegetables89₺
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce92₺
Vegetable Tofu107₺
Black Bean Sauce Toast…111₺
Sauteed Garlic Sauce…133₺
Plain Noodles76₺
Vegetable Noodles 🍀94₺
Chicken Noodles103₺
Beef Noodles109₺
Shrimp Noodles127₺
Singapore Noodles136₺
Singapore Noodles141₺
Pat Thai Chicken Rice Noodles150₺
Garlic and Vegetable Ramen104₺
Garlic Chicken Ramen111₺
Garlic Meat Ramen119₺
Garlic Shrimp Ramen128₺

Konoha Acibadem Desserts Menu

Konoha Acibadem Desserts Menu
Ice cream mochi55₺
Fried Ice Cream76₺
Toasted Walnuts82₺
Fried Banana80₺
Fried Pineapple80₺

Konoha Acibadem Beverages Menu

Pepsi – Pepsi Max Twist – Pepsi Max30₺
Lipton Ice Tea30₺
Seven days30₺
7 UP30₺
Tropicana Soft Drink30₺
Yoga Cgai37₺
Jasmine Dragon Pearl41₺
Kashmiri tea39₺
Bourbon Vanilla39₺
Jasmine Tea41₺
green tea35₺

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