Oba Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Oba restaurant offers a unique blend of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated setting. Both locals and tourists enjoy the restaurant’s location, which overlooks the beautiful Sarıyer skyline in the vibrant and historic district of Istanbul.

Oba restaurant features an open kitchen, contemporary decor, and soft lighting to give diners a chance to watch the chefs in action. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients are used to make innovative and flavorful dishes inspired by Turkey’s and the Mediterranean’s rich culinary heritage.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere, impeccable service, and exceptional food quality are the trademarks of Oba restaurant. There are several dining options available at the restaurant, including à la carte, tasting menus, and private dining rooms, making it suitable for a variety of occasions, including romantic dinners and corporate events.

It is certain that Oba restaurant will provide an unforgettable dining experience that combines the best of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine with impeccable service in an elegant and inviting setting. We have categorized and uploaded their menus for you. To maintain accuracy, we have taken all the data from their official sources.

Oba Restaurant Breakfast Menu

Oba Restaurant Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Plate
Feta Cheese, Chechil Cheese, Aged Cheddar Cheese, Tulum Cheese, Curd Cheese, Sarelle, Hazelnut Paste, Black Olives, Green Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Butter, Black Mulberry Jam, Honey Cream, Tahini Molasses, Sausage Egg
Mixed Breakfast (Per Person)
White Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Cecil Cheese, Tulum Cheese, Curd Cheese, Blackberry Jam on Cottage Yogurt, Black Olives, Green Olives, Honey Cream Jam, Tahini Molasses, Halva, Black Mulberry Jam, Sarelle, Green Plate, Tomato Cucumber, Fruit, Bleach Cheese Menemen, Fried Egg, Grilled Sausage
Buffet breakfast400₺
Lavash Bread55₺
Fried Egg115₺
Bacon Egg115₺
Egg with sausage110₺
Cheese Pancakes75₺
Eye Egg in Butter75₺
Butter Plain Omelette75 TL75₺
Cheese Omelet80₺
Potato Pan55₺
Cheese plate130₺
Grilled Sausage – 4 Slices120₺
Honey Cream Plate140₺
Green and Black Olive Plate75₺
Tahini Molasses60₺
Tomato Cucumber Cucumber70₺
Grilled Halloumi Cheese130₺
Jam Types55₺

Oba Restaurant Soups and Pastas Menu

Oba Restaurant Soups and Pastas Menu
Lentil soup85₺
Seafood Soup155₺
Broth Soup115₺
Fettuccine Alfredo210₺
Chicken Penne with Curry Sauce140₺
Penne Al Arabiatta185₺
Vegetable-Chicken Noodle185₺
Vegetable Fusuli195₺
Spaghetti Neapolitan180₺
Spaghetti Bolognese210₺
Oba Ravioli195₺
Pizza Fungi215₺
Margarita Pizza195₺
Pizza Pizza210₺
Pizza Mista250₺
Tuna Fish Pizza225₺
Cheese pita180₺
Roasted Pita210₺
Bread with meat150₺

Oba Restaurant Steaks and Lambs Menu

Oba Restaurant Steaks and Lambs Menu
Şato Tenderloin 250 Gr.420₺
Beef Turkish Delight 210 Gr.520₺
Tenderloin with Cafe De Paris Sauce 200 Gr.410₺
Beef Tenderloin with Porcini Mushrooms 210 Gr.520₺
Tenderloin with Creamy Mushroom Sauce 210 Gr.410₺
Mixed Meat Platter480₺
Meatballs with Cheese 250 Gr.165₺
Butcher Meatballs 250 Gr.215₺
Lamb Cage for 2 Persons1650₺
Lamb Chops Pen 280 Gr.520₺

Oba Restaurant Burgers and Main Dishes Menu

Oba Restaurant Burgers and Main Dishes Menu
Cheeseburger 180 gr.195₺
Potato Pan55₺
Hair Pan325₺
Mexican Chicken (Stew)265₺
Rosemary Chicken Grilled185₺
Chicken with Curry Sauce265₺
Chicken Gratin165₺
Meatball Gratin180₺

Oba Restaurant Salads, Fish and Seafoods Menu

Crab Salad120₺
Goma Wakeme130₺
Fish and Potatoes290₺
Salmon Teryaki280₺
Grilled seabass385₺
Fish and Potatoes385₺
Grilled Seabream385₺
Grilled Salmon385₺
Salmon Teriyaki280₺
Wakame Salad195₺
Crab Salad with seafood195₺

Oba Restaurant Other Special Flavors Menu

Shrimp Tempura295₺
Shrimp Dynamite295₺
Garlic Shrimp215₺
Shrimp Tempura155₺
Shrimp Dynamite160₺
Garlik Shrimp160₺
California Roll (6 Pieces)240₺
Philadelpia Roll (6 Pieces)240₺
Kani Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)220₺
Spicy Sake Roll (6 Pieces)260₺
Spicy Tuna Roll (6 Pieces)260₺
Vegetarian Roll (6 Pieces)200₺
Maguro Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)240₺
Sake Avocado Roll (6 Pieces)260₺
Dragon Roll (6 Pieces)260₺
Rainbow Roll (6 Pieces)280₺
Tiger Roll (6 Pieces)280₺
Chef Special Crunchy Roll (6 Pieces)300₺
Sake Tempura Roll (6 Pieces)250₺
Kani Tempura Roll (6 Pieces)250₺
Ebi Tempura Roll (6 Pieces)260₺
Cruncy Tuna Roll (6 Pieces)250₺
Beef Tataki Roll (6 Pieces)280₺
Crispy Crab (6 Pieces)280₺
Crayz Salmon Roll (6 Pieces)280₺
Cracy Unagi Roll (6 Pieces)280₺
Cooked Set 2 (12 Pieces)950₺
Seabass Nigiri (1 Piece)66₺
Tuna Nigiri (1 Piece)70₺
Salmon Nigiri (1 Piece)68₺
Eel Nigiri (1 Piece)78₺
Shrimp Nigiri (1 Piece)68₺
Avacado Nigiri (1 Piece)58₺
Tobiko Gunkan (1 Piece)75₺
Eel Gunkan (1 Piece)85₺
Salmon Gunkan (1 Piece)75₺
Spicy Tuna Gunkan (1 Piece)75₺
Ikura (Salmon Caviar) Gunkan85₺
Salmon Maqui (6 Pieces)215₺
Seabass Maquis (6 Pieces)230₺
Crab Maki (6 Pieces)220₺
Eel Maki (6 Pieces)230₺
Shrimp Maquis (6 Pieces)195₺
Avacado Maquis (6 Pieces)185₺
Cucumber Maquis (6 Pieces)165₺

Oba Restaurant Desserts Menu

Oba Restaurant Desserts Menu
Chocolate souffle115₺
San Sebastian115₺
Ice Cream Roll85₺
Ice Cream Types 1 Ball30₺
Carrot Slice Baklava120₺
Fruit plate140₺
Magnolia and Varieties85₺
Adise Father85₺
Cake Types85₺

Oba Restaurant Drinks Menu

Turkish coffee55₺
Dibek Coffee65₺
Turkish Coffee with Mastic Drops60₺
Hot chocolate70₺
Herbal teas60₺
Orange juice60₺
Pomegranate juice60₺
Green Apple Juice60₺
Carrot juice60₺
Fresh Mixed70₺
Single Espresso75₺
Coffee Latte80₺
Coffee Mocha85₺
White Chocolate Mocha85₺
instant coffee80₺
Filter coffee80₺
Ice Coffee Latte85₺
Ice Coffee Mocha90₺
Ice Frappe90₺
Ice White Mocha90₺
Ice Americano85₺
Coffee Beauty90₺
Coco Nutella90₺
Fuse Tea60₺
Fruit soda65₺
Strawberry Lemonade85₺
Mint Lemonade85₺
Water 0.33lt35₺
Water 0.75lt45₺
Ice Julep90₺
Ice Crusta90₺

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