Papa Johns Menu Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is one of the many countries in which Papa John’s pizza restaurants exist. A convenient option for locals and tourists alike, Papa John’s is located in several neighborhoods and malls throughout Istanbul.

Papa John’s opened its first Istanbul location in 2006, and since then the chain has expanded throughout the city. In addition to classic favorites like pepperoni and margherita, Papa John’s Istanbul also offers more unique flavors like BBQ chicken and spicy Italian sausage. Pizza, salads, sides, and desserts are also available at Papa John’s Istanbul.

A key difference between Papa John’s Istanbul and other pizza chains is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Restaurants use only fresh vegetables and meat, never frozen, and source their dough and sauce from local suppliers. Tastewise, the pizzas are consistently tasty and flavorful due to this commitment to quality.

Pizza John’s Istanbul also offers delivery service in addition to dine-in and takeout options. It typically takes 30 to 45 minutes for the restaurant to deliver orders placed online or by phone.

For those looking for delicious, high-quality pizza in Istanbul, Papa John’s Istanbul is a great option. Turkish residents and visitors alike have grown to love this American chain, which boasts multiple locations and uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menus of the restaurant are as given below.

Papa Johns Special Offers Menu

Papa Johns Special Offers Menu
Home OFFICE Menu
Red Bull + Quattro Formaggi
Chicken Wings 8 pcs
Chicken Wings 8 Pieces
Hepsiburada Mixed Grand Pope
Hepsiburada Mixed Grand Pope Campaign
Large Garlic Pizzas
Large Garlic Pizzas
Trendyol Large Size Bro Pizza
Big homie pizza
Kumpir Pizza Large
Potatoes from us, Ingredients from you Kumpir Pizza Campaign.

Papa Johns Special Pizzas Menu

Papa Johns Special Pizzas Menu
Kumpir Pizza120₺
Mozzarella Pizza in Water116₺
Bodrum Pizza90₺
Garden Pleasure90₺
Favorite Pizza95₺
BBQ Sauce Chicken95₺
meat lover pizza95₺
Mexican Wave100₺
Red on Fire100₺
BBQ Fever100₺
Quattro Formaggi100₺
Mixed Pope100₺
Roasted Pizza116₺
Little Italy106₺
Super Papa’s106₺

Papa Johns Beginnings and Desserts Menu

Papa Johns Beginnings and Desserts Menu
Cheese Stick85₺
Classic Stick47₺
Potato wedges40₺
Chicken Wings of 8119₺
Chicken Poppers95₺
Sesame Cheese Stick86₺
Cheese Croissant (8 Pieces)63₺
Pepperoni Rolls69₺
4 Pickled Peppers8₺
6 Pickled Peppers9₺
Chocolate souffle45₺

Papa Johns Sauces Menu

Papa Johns Sauces Menu
BBQ Sauce8₺
Bitter sauce8₺
Honey Mustard Sauce100₺
Ranch Sauce 510gr130₺
Garlic Sauce12₺

Papa Johns Drinks Menu

Papa Johns Drinks Menu
Pepsi Max 1 Lt35₺
Buttermilk Box20₺
water 0.4 liter13₺
Soda Lemon15₺
Soda Apple15₺
Sütaş 1Lt37₺
Pepsi 1 liter35₺
Yedigün Orange 1Lt35₺
Yedigün Tangerine 1Lt35₺
Fruko Cool Lime (1 L.)35₺
Lipton Ice Tea 1 lt35₺
Pepsi 33cl27₺
Fruco 33cl27₺
Tropikana 33cl27₺
Lipton Ice Tea 33cl27₺
Fruity Mineral Water15₺
Turkish coffee8₺
CoffeeBeanBox Colombia Set25₺
CoffeeBeanBox Most Dynamic Set25₺
red bull33₺

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