Pasa Doner Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

There is no doubt that Turkish food is one of the most unique cuisines in the world. Among its most famous dishes are Kebab, the ever-popular pile of ground meat, and the Pide, a flatbread that is the national dish. If you are a lover of Turkish food and there is a longing to go to Turkey, you will be delighted to learn about the incredible menu which is available at Pasa Doner Istanbul Turkey.

Pasa Doner is a Turkish fast-food restaurant chain that serves different types of food that originate from Anatolia. The most famous type of food served at Pasa Doner is Paksas. They serve Paksas made from beef, lamb, chicken, or vegetarian. However, there are also some items you may not have seen before, such as Pasa Pastırma (Kebab Pasta). Served with pasta, this dish consists of grilled paksa.

Pasa Doner also provides home delivery services across the city. In order to avail their products at your door-step, you can place an order on their official website. We have uploaded complete menu of Pasa doner Istanbul. The menu has been categorized as potato menu, desserts menu, crispy mixed menu, Ice cream menu, Pasa Doner special products, Pasa burger menu. All the products along with images and updated prices have been taken from the official sources of Pasa Doner Istanbul. Lets check their menu one by one in detail.

Pasa Doner Potato Menu

Pasa Doner Potato menu
Half Bread & Potatoes53₺
Chubby Bread & Potatoes56₺
3/4 Bread & Potato64₺
Cheese Wrap & Potato72₺
Jumbo Wrap & Potato79₺
Crazy Roll & Fries85₺
Whole Bread & Potatoes72₺
Portion & Potato82₺

Pasa Doner Desserts Menu

Pasa Doner Desserts menu
Half Bread & Dessert42₺
Chubby Bread & Dessert45₺
3/4 Bread & Dessert53₺
Cheese Wrap & Dessert61₺
Jumbo Wrap & Dessert68₺
Crazy Wrap & Dessert73₺
Whole Bread & Dessert61₺
Portion & Dessert71₺

Pasa Doner Crispy Mixed Menu

Pasa Doner Crispy mixed menu
Half Bread & Crispy Mix63₺
Chubby Bread & Crispy Mix66₺
3/4 Bread & Crispy Mix74₺
Whole Bread & Crispy Mix82₺
Cheese Wrap & Crispy Mixed82₺
Jumbo Wrap & Crispy Mix89₺
Crazy Wrap & Crispy Mix94₺
Portion & Crispy Mix92₺

Pasa Doner Ice cream Menu

Pasa Doner Ice cream menu
Half Bread & Ice Cream44₺
Chubby Bread & Ice Cream47₺
3/4 Bread & Ice Cream55₺
Cheese Roll & Ice Cream63₺
Jumbo Wrap & Ice Cream70₺
Crazy Roll & Ice Cream75₺
Whole Bread & Ice Cream63₺
Pasha Portion & Ice Cream73₺

Pasa Doner Burger Menu

Pasa Doner burger menu
Paşa Mini Burger + Fries57₺
Pasha Burger + Fries + Drink of Your Choice62₺
Pasa Mini Burger 70gr29₺
Pasa Burger 130gr34₺

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