Pidem Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

​​With over 150 restaurants spread across the country, Pidem has become the largest chain of pide restaurants in Turkey after establishing itself in 2010. They make custom-made pidems for their customers, with fresh toppings prepared by their chefs. Fresh ingredients are used every day. As Pidem Restaurant offers a wide variety of options, it has now expanded to Istanbul Airport.

If you have never been to Turkey, you may wonder why pide is so popular there. Although this is not a common Turkish dish, it is very similar to pizza. There are several reasons for this, one being that pides are similar to pizza, except they are thinner and have a greater variety of toppings.

As a result of the restaurant’s tremendous success, it has received a number of awards and was voted one of the best restaurants in Turkey. It would be a great idea to try their menu if you’re in Istanbul.

We have uploaded below their complete menu along with images and updated prices. All the data regarding their menu are taken from the official sources of Pidem Restaurant Istanbul. If you’re in Istanbul, we suggest you try their menu.

Pidem Special Pitas Menu

Pidem Pitas Menu
Acik Patatesli pidem6.99₺
Kapali Patatesli pidem6.99₺
Ispanakli Pidem7.99₺
Acik Patatesli Kasarli Pidem9.49₺
Kapali Patatesli Kasarli Pidem9.49₺
Sebzeli Sahanem9.99₺
Acik Kasarli Pidem9.99₺
Kapali Kasarli Pidem9.99₺
Acik Tavuklu Pidem10.99₺
Kapali Tavuklu Pidem10.99₺
Kiymali Pidem11.99₺
Karisik Pidem12.99₺
Kusbasili Pidem13.99₺
Harman Pidem13.99₺
Kiymali Kasarli Pidem14.99₺
Etli Sahanem14.9₺

Pidem Beverages Menu

Pidem Beverages Menu
Kutu Icecekler3.99₺

Pidem Extras Menu

Karisik Tursu1₺
ilave Yumurta1.50₺
ilave Kasar2.50₺
Cok Acim boy ilave Kasar3₺

Pidem Desserts Menu

Pidem Desserts Menu
ilave kaymak2.00₺

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