PizzaLazza Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Globally, pizza is one of the most popular foods. Many pizza-specialist restaurants offer great menus and delicious pizza creations. PizzaLazza is a well known restaurant in Istanbul which is famous for its delicious pizza as well as Lazza. They have multiple branches across the country. The pizzas they offer are cooked in oven instead of frying material such as cheese and meat.

The menu features many kinds of pizzas, ranging from basic to fancy ones, including gluten free ones. The menu clearly outlines which pizzas are available and which are not. The restaurant also offers pizza delivery. Depending on your preferences, you can customize the order. We have uploaded their complete menu along with images and updated prices. All the data regarding their menu are taken from their official website. So lets have a closer look at their menus.

PizzaLazza Favourite Flavors Menu

PizzaLazza Favourite Flavors Menu
MenuPrice – smallPrice – middlePrice – large
Favori Dorttu9.99₺15.99₺24.99₺
Sebze Seven9.99₺15.99₺24.99₺
Sucuk Zengini9.99₺15.99₺24.99₺

PizzaLazza Special Flavors Menu

PizzaLazza Special Flavors Menu
MenuPrice – smallPrice – middlePrice – large
Bol Bol12.99₺18.99₺27.99₺
Egeli Sebzeli12.99₺18.99₺27.99₺
Super Karisik12.99₺18.99₺27.99₺
Tavuklu Acili12.99₺18.99₺27.99₺
Yaprak Donerli12.99₺18.99₺27.99₺

PizzaLazza Rich Flavors Menu

PizzaLazza Rich Flavors Menu
MenuPrice – smallPrice – middlePrice – large
4 Peynirli17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Barbeku Tavuk17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Et Budur17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Gurme Atesi17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Kavurma Zengini17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Sultan Cheddar17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Ton Ton17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺
Zengin Karisik17.99₺23.99₺32.99₺

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