POE Book & Coffee House Restaurant Menu Antalya Turkey

Indulge in the unique blend of literary charm and culinary excellence at POE Book & Coffee House Restaurant in Antalya, Turkey. This quaint café, inspired by the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe, offers a serene escape where literature and delectable dishes merge.

The menu, thoughtfully categorized into appetizers, main courses, desserts, and an extensive coffee selection, promises a gourmet journey for both book enthusiasts and food connoisseurs. Appetizers feature light and refreshing choices, perfect for starting your meal. The main courses are a testament to Turkish culinary richness, offering both traditional flavors and modern twists. For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts provide a delightful end to the meal, while coffee lovers can savor the finest blends, each promising to transport you to a world of aromatic excellence. POE Book & Coffee House is more than a dining destination; it’s a cultural experience nestled in the heart of Antalya, where every dish tells a story and every sip ignites imagination


Espresso10 TL
Cappuccino15 TL
Latte15 TL
Turkish Coffee10 TL
Mocha20 TL
Affogato25 TL

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Herbal Tea
Black Tea10 TL
Green Tea10 TL
Herbal Tea10 TL
Chai Tea15 TL
Matcha Latte20 TL


Croissant15 TL
Muffin15 TL
Cake20 TL
Brownie15 TL
Baklava20 TL

Light Meals

Sandwich25 TL
Salad20 TL
Soup15 TL
Smoothie20 TL
Yogurt Bowl25 TL

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