Popeyes Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Are you looking for Popeyes restaurant menu Istanbul turkey? It would be a good idea to order nice cooked turkey, fried chicken, and coleslaw. This restaurant has a reputation as being a place where clients don’t particularly like biscuits. Visitors of the hotel are pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the staff here. It is likely that you will have to pay a reasonable price for your meal.

Popeyes Restaurant Istanbul

At Istanbul Airport Popeyes offers chicken lovers a delicious menu of traditional, authentic and unique flavor formulations, with fresh chicken served crisp and warm that is marinated for 12 hours in advance and served with a variety of unique flavor formulas.

We have uploaded their complete menu along with updated prices and images. All the images and prices are taken from the official website of Popeyes Istanbul. Lets check their menu in details one by one.

Popeyes Istanbul Chickens Menu

Popeyes Istanbul Chickens Menu
Acili Kanat29.95₺
Parca Tavuk29.95₺
Dip’n Chicken26.95₺

Popeyes Istanbul Sandwiches Menu

Popeyes Istanbul Sandwiches Menu
Chicken Sandwich16.95₺
Maxi Durum19.95₺
Chicken Cheese Deluxe22.95₺
Panini Gusto23.95₺

Popeyes Istanbul Maxi Menu

Popeyes Istanbul Maxi Menu
Maxi Ekonomix Mix
Chicken Burger® + 4-Piece Dip’n Chicken + 4-Piece Nuggets + Small Potatoes + Small Sized Drink
Maxi Mix
Maxi Dürüm + 4’lü Soğan Halkası + 4’lü Nuggets + Orta Boy Patates + Kutu İçecek
Maxi XL
Popchicken + 2 Wings + 4 Nuggets + Medium Potatoes + Medium Drink
Maxi Dip
5 Dip’n Chicken + 11 Tenders + 5 Nuggets + 2 Kanat + bisuit + 2 Adet Sos

Popeyes Istanbul Buckets Menu

Popeyes Istanbul Buckets Menu
Kemiksis Kova42.95₺
Sandvicli Kova45.95₺
Ekonomix Karisik Kova38.95₺
Efsane Kova55.95₺
Kova patates sadece4.95₺

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