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Are you looking for the Quick China restaurant’s menu?
Quick China restaurant is a well-known brand/restaurant located in Istanbul. It is a famous spot for Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine. There are multiple branches of this restaurant across the country.

We are here to provide you with their complete menu with updated prices. The menu can be categorized as appetizers, special rolls, cooked rolls, desserts, beverages, soups, salads, rice, vegetables, chicken, beef, and seafood. Let’s start checking their menu in detail one by one.

The menu covers appetizers, special rolls, cooked rolls, desserts, beverages, soups, salads, rice, vegetables, chicken, beef, and seafood. Let’s check out the appetizers first.

Quick China restaurant offers many appetizers, for example, crispy shrimp, chicken liver pate, fried shrimp, and garlic sausage. The menu also offers a wide variety of drinks, for instance, beer, hot tea, coffee, and sweet fruit juice. The menu also includes dishes such as rice, noodles, salad, and soup.

If you are looking to buy some snacks, you can check the Quick China restaurant’s menu. They offer many varieties of snacks, for instance, fried rice ball, garlic shrimp, fried cucumber, and deep-fried chicken.

The menu also offers various dishes such as rice, noodles, salad, and soup.

Quick China Appetizers Menu

Quick China Appetizers Menu
Japanese soybean78₺
Corn Tempura96₺
Crispy Mixed Vegetable102₺
Fried crab surimi, Rock’n Roll sauce102₺
Tempura Shrimp156₺
Five Spices Calamar168₺
Mongolian Fried Chicken102₺
Crispy Cashew Sesame Chicken90₺
Thai Satay Chicken90₺
Crispy Fish150₺

Quick China Special Rolls Menu

Quick China Special roll menu
Red Dragon185₺
Spicy Maguro182₺
Prince roll152₺
Neo Tokyo152₺
Crazy Chef161₺

Quick China Cooked Rolls Menu

Quick China Cooked Rolls Menu
Beef Roll156₺
Salmon Aburi186₺
Kyoto California156₺
Trüflü Ebi Ten Crispy174₺
Kinoa Avokado168₺
Sea Bass Tempura154₺
Super Rock’n Roll156₺
Salmon Tempura152₺
New Veggie151₺
Rock’n Roll
New Crunchy152₺
Golden Dragon188₺

Quick China Seafoods Menu

Shrimp With Chili Sauce240₺
Sweet and Sour Shrimp240₺
Shrimp With Garlic Sauce240₺
Slightly Spicy Butter Shrimp252₺
Coconut Milk & Mixed Seafood264₺

Quick China Beef Menu

Beef With Green Pepper180₺
Beef With Garlic Sauce192₺
Beef With Spicy Mushroom180₺
Kung Pao Beef198₺
Cantonese Style Beef186₺
Beef With Mixed Vegetable180₺
Beef With Crispy Eggplant180₺
Thai Style Beef With Chili Sauce And Basil192₺

Quick China Soups Menu

Hot And Sour66₺
Chicken & Corn With Asparagus66₺
Seafood Noodle soup96₺
Thai Style Hot Shrimp96₺
Thai Style Coconut Milk With Chicken102₺

Quick China Vegetables Menu

Mixed Vegetable108₺
Broccoli With Garlic Sauce106₺
Grilled Sweet Corn102₺
Asparagus with Ginger Sauce156₺
Pak Choi With Ginger Sauce114₺

Quick China Rices Menu

Sautéed with carrots, peas, corn, green onion and egg84₺
Thai Style Steamed Rice145₺
Yakimeshi With Beef156₺
Jasmine rice, vegetables, egg, beef, cashew138₺
Jasmine rice, curry sauce, egg, cashew, shrimp156₺

Quick China Chickens and Ducks Menu

Quick China Chickens and Ducks Menu
Sweet and Sour Chicken145₺
Spicy Chicken With Mushroom145₺
Chicken With Chili Sauce145₺
Kung Pao Chicken150₺
Almond Chicken With Celery Stalk150₺
Chicken With Ginger150₺
General Tso Chicken145₺
Chicken With Teriyaki Sauce145₺
Thai Style Cashew Chicken With Basil150₺
Pineapple Duck With Chili Sauce205₺

Quick China Desserts Menu

Burnt Cheesecake84₺
Special Ganajlı Bavarois84₺
Fried Banana70₺
Fried Pineapple70₺
Honey Fried Walnuts82₺

Quick China Salads Menu

Ördek Etli150₺
Quinoa With Salmon162₺
Hot Cabbage90₺
Sea bass, octopus, shrimp, crab surimi, squid, onion186₺

Quick China Beverages Menu

Coca Cola Fanta, Sprite23₺
Fuse Tea23₺
Fresh Orange Juice41₺
Mineral Water20₺

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