Sembol Ocakbasi Updated Menu 2024 Turkey

Sembol Ocakbasi, located in the vibrant heart of Istanbul, Turkey, offers a captivating dining experience that pays homage to traditional Turkish cuisine. This renowned eatery is celebrated for its mastery in preparing Ocakbasi, a distinctive method of grilling meats over a charcoal fire, which is a cornerstone of Turkish culinary traditions. The ambiance of the restaurant, with its cozy and inviting decor, effortlessly transports patrons to a world where each meal is a celebration of flavors and aromas.

The menu at Sembol Ocakbasi is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Turkey, featuring a wide array of dishes that cater to diverse palates. From succulent kebabs and juicy grilled meats to an assortment of mezes (appetizers) that showcase the freshness of local ingredients, the restaurant ensures a memorable gastronomic journey. Each dish is meticulously prepared with a focus on authenticity and quality, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

In addition to its exquisite food offerings, Sembol Ocakbasi prides itself on its exceptional service, where the warmth and hospitality of the staff mirror the generous spirit of Turkish culture. Whether you’re a local or a visitor exploring the culinary delights of Istanbul, a meal at Sembol Ocakbasi is an opportunity to indulge in the true essence of Turkish cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience the flavors of Istanbul.

Sembol Ocakbasi Meals Menu

Sembol Ocakbasi Meals Menu
Half Meatballs135₺
Whole Meatballs185₺
6 Pieces Wings155₺
10 Pieces Wings210₺
Half Chops 2 Pieces190₺
Whole Chops 4 Pieces270₺
Half Pistachio190₺
Whole Pistachio240₺
Half Eggplant190₺
Whole Eggplant250₺
Urfa Mixed235₺
Spike Mixed315₺
Half Urfa170₺
Full Urfa220₺
Half Poppy170₺
Whole Poppy220₺
Full Adana220₺
Half Tomato175₺
Half Cheddar175₺
Full Cheese225₺
Whole Onion235₺
Winding Couplet240₺
Alinazik Cubed235₺
Alinazik Adana225₺
Cheese Pita125₺
Roasted Pita185₺
Meat Pita135₺
Cubed Pita185₺
Symbol Pizza195₺
Hot Lahmacun50₺
Painless Platter Lahmacun50₺
Walnut Lahmacun55₺
Bitter Lahmacun With Walnuts55₺
Painless Walnut Lahmacun80₺
Spicy Walnut Lahmacun80₺
Stuffed Meatballs40₺
Hot Lahmacun70₺
Painless Lahmacun70₺
Less Lentil Soup30₺
Lentil Soup40₺
Az Ezogelin Soup30₺
Lentil Soup40₺
Few Raw Meatballs50₺
Whole Raw Meatballs90₺
Hazelnut Lahmacun Painless15₺
Hazelnut Lahmacun Hot15₺
Roasted Eggplant40₺

Sembol Ocakbasi Breakfast and Salads Menu

Sembol Ocakbasi Breakfast and Salads Menu
Mixed Breakfast300₺
Quick Breakfast 1165₺
Quick Breakfast 2165₺
Quick Breakfast 3165₺
Quick Breakfast 4165₺
Egg With Paste100₺
Liver Plate100₺
Peanut Jam70₺
Hazelnut Jam60₺
Green Salad15₺
Gavurdag Salad70₺
Onion Salad10₺
Sumac Salad10₺
Onion Plate10₺
Mint Plate10₺
Parsley Plate10₺
Spicy Paste10₺
Bulk Garnish70₺

Sembol Ocakbasi Desserts Menu

Sembol Ocakbasi Desserts Menu
Ice Cream Katmer For 2 Persons205₺
Katmer With Filling For 4 Persons330₺
Symbol Wrap130₺
Symbol Katmer130₺
Şıllık Dessert With Pistachio145₺
Chocolate Bitch Dessert145₺
Şıllık Dessert With Walnut130₺
Half Cold Baklava90₺
Whole Cold Baklava130₺
Cutting Ice Cream65₺
Bakery Kadayif130₺
Cheese Kunefe130₺

Sembol Ocakbasi Beverages Menu

Coke (Zero)35₺
Closed Buttermilk35₺
Fuse Tea35₺
Painless Turnip35₺
Hot Turnip35₺
Fruit Juice (Mixed)35₺
Mineral Water30₺
Orange Juice40₺
Turkish Coffee50₺

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