Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro Restaurant Menu – Antalya Turkey Updated-2024

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro in Antalya, Turkey, offers a delightful dining experience with its eclectic and carefully curated menu that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. The menu kicks off with a range of appetizers that blend local Turkish flavors with international cuisine, offering a unique taste experience. Highlights include savory meze platters, rich soups, and fresh salads, each prepared with the freshest local ingredients. The bistro’s appetizer selections are perfect for starting a meal or enjoying a light bite in a relaxed, yet elegant setting.

The main course menu at Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro is a testament to the fusion of global culinary traditions with the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine. Patrons can enjoy a variety of dishes, ranging from expertly grilled meats to exquisitely prepared seafood, alongside vegetarian options that are both flavorful and hearty. Signature dishes like the Ottoman Kebab and Mediterranean Sea Bass are particularly noteworthy, showcasing the chef’s skill in blending spices and ingredients to create memorable dishes.

Rounding off the menu, the dessert section at Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. From traditional Turkish delights like Baklava and Künefe to classic international desserts, each option is a celebration of flavors. Complementing the food, the bistro offers an extensive selection of beverages including aromatic Turkish coffee, fine teas, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, ensuring a complete and satisfying dining experience. Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro stands out as a culinary gem in Antalya, perfect for both casual and special occasions.


Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Starters Menu Updated-2024


Mozzarella Sticks20 TL
Calamari Fritti25 TL
Hummus15 TL
Babaganoush15 TL
Muhammara15 TL
Bruschetta15 TL
Salad20 TL
Soup15 TL
The menu of the restaurant serves turkey traditional foods as well as Mediterranean and European dishes. The restaurant also has a wonderful combination of coffee drinks and desserts. if you’re in search of the best restaurant then there’s no one better than Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro.

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Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Sandwiches Menu Updated-2024


Club Sandwich
Club Sandwich35 TL
BLT Sandwich30 TL
Turkey Sandwich30 TL
Chicken Sandwich30 TL
Veggie Sandwich25 TL
In a city of food and restaurants Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro is perfect for food lovers. This restaurant offers the best menu of dishes for all age people. The menu includes starters, Pizza, Pasta, and sandwiches as well as features a range of traditional Turkish dishes to more tasty Mediterranean and European dishes.

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Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Pizza Menu Updated-2024


Quattro Formaggi
Margherita35 TL
Marinara30 TL
Diavola40 TL
Quattro Formaggi45 TL
Funghi40 TL
Prosciutto e Funghi45 TL
Pepperoni40 TL
Vegetariana40 TL
The restaurant’s main quality is fresh and high-level ingredients. The staff is very customer friendly and behave professionally. Visit once to get to know about this wonderful food point in Antalya Turkey.

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Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Pasta Menu Updated-2024


Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Carbonara65 TL
Fettuccine Alfredo55 TL
Lasagna70 TL
Ravioli35 TL
Penne Alla Vodka40 TL
Spaghetti Bolognese65 TL

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Main Courses Menu Updated-2024

Main Courses

Grilled Salmon55 TL
Grilled Tuna65 TL
Chicken Shish Kebab35 TL
Beef Shish Kebab40 TL
Lamb Shish Kebab45 TL
Mixed Grill55 TL

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Desserts Menu Updated-2024


Baklava35 TL
Turkish Delight20 TL
Ice Cream40 TL
Ayran5 TL
Kunefe20 TL

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Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro (Deepo AVM) Restaurant Drinks Menu Updated-2024


Wine by the glass
Soft Drinks10 TL
Beer15 TL
Wine by the glass20-30 TL
Wine by the bottle100-200 TL
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