Stregis Brasserie Menu Istanbul Turkey

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the St. Regis Brasserie Istanbul offers a luxurious dining experience. With a chic, sophisticated ambiance, the Brasserie offers both casual and formal dining in the prestigious Nisantasi district.

Known for its classic French dishes with a contemporary twist, the brasserie offers exceptional cuisine. To create unforgettable culinary experiences, the chefs carefully curate a menu using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

A romantic dinner for two or a celebratory dinner with friends and family would be perfect at St. Regis Brasserie Istanbul with its elegant and sophisticated décor. Luxurious fabrics, luxurious seating, and elegant lighting create an intimate atmosphere in the interior.

Stregis Brasserie Menu with Prices

There are a number of mouth-watering dishes at St. Regis Brasserie Istanbul, including a mouth-watering Beef Bourguignon, the delectable Foie Gras, and the succulent Beef Tenderloin. A wine list that features a variety of international and local wines complements the menu perfectly, as well.

Stregis Brasserie Breakfast Menu with Prices

Stregis Brasserie Breakfast Menu
Stregis Brasserie Breakfast Menu1

Stregis Brasserie Main Dishes Menu with Prices

Stregis Brasserie Main Dishes Menu
Stregis Brasserie Main Dishes Menu.1PNG
Stregis Brasserie Main Dishes Menu.2PNG
Stregis Brasserie Main Dishes Menu.3PNG

Stregis Brasserie Sushi Menu with Prices

Stregis Brasserie Sushi Menu

Stregis Brasserie Mixology Menu with Prices

Stregis Brasserie mixology Menu
Stregis Brasserie mixology Menu.1PNG

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