Tuzla Balikcisi Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Are you looking for Tuzla Balikcisi Restaurant menu, Istanbul Turkey? On the Asian side of Istanbul, Tuzla Balikcisi is already known as one of the city’s most famous fish restaurants, and everyone knows about it. Tuzla Balikcisi has spread its fame throughout Istanbul because of its umbra, calamari, and salmon with soy sauce.

Tuzla Balikcisi Restaurant Istanbul

While it is not located on the Bosphorus shore, yet this restaurant possesses a wide variety of delicious appetizers such as sauteed swordfish, shrimp skewers, calamari skewers, anchovy pilaf, fish pastries, and roasted anglerfish, making it a must-go for any fish lover in Istanbul.

We have uploaded below their complete menu of all dishes and drinks along with images and updated prices. The images and prices are taken from the official website of Tuzla Balikcisi istanbul.

Tuzla Balikcisi Fishes Menu

Tuzla Balikcisi Fishes Menu
Horse mackerel38₺
Sea Bass (Full)75₺
Sea Bass Skewer46₺
Boiled Sea Bass41₺
Fish on Paper51₺
Grilled Calamari36₺
Whole Seagrass65₺

Tuzla Balikcisi Special Menu

Tuzla Balikcisi Special Menu
Sword Saute11₺
Salmon Soy Sauce11₺
Roast Lantern11₺
Sea Bass Cutlet12₺
Jumbo Pane11₺
Fish Meatballs12₺
Seabass Wrap16₺
Jumbo Shrimp Skewer12₺
Shrimp Casserole27₺
Fried Calamari31₺

Tuzla Balikcisi Salads and Soups Menu

Tuzla Balikcisi Salads and Soups Menu
Seasonal Salad15₺
Arugula Salad14₺
Shepherd’s Salad16₺
Fish Soup (Low)10₺
Fish Soup (Full)15₺

Tuzla Balikcisi Desserts and Drinks Menu

Tuzla Balikcisi Desserts and Drinks Menu
Fried Ice Cream16₺
Semolina Dessert15₺
Baked Halva26₺
Cold Baklava27₺
Rice Pudding17₺
Canned Drinks (330ml)8₺
Turnip Drink8₺

Tuzla Balikcisi Restaurant Istanbul Aerial View

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