Uskumru Restaurant Menu Istanbul, Turkey

If you’re on the hunt for a rich seafood experience, Uskumru Restaurant should be your top destination. Allow us to present the updated menu that invites you to a culinary adventure. Here’s everything you need to know:

Uskumru Restaurant Menu
DishDescriptionPrice (TL)
Grilled UskumruFresh mackerel grilled to perfection45
Seafood PlatterAssorted seafood, freshly caught and cooked80
Traditional Meze PlatterA selection of Turkish appetizers25
Shrimp SaladCrisp salad with succulent shrimp30
Main Courses
Lamb KebabTender lamb grilled with Turkish spices50
Vegetable CasseroleA mix of seasonal vegetables, slow-cooked40
Chicken BeytiChicken wrapped in lavash, served with yogurt sauce55
Dessert of the DayAsk your server for today’s special treat15
BaklavaSweet pastry filled with nuts, honey20
Turkish Tea or CoffeeTraditional hot beverages5
Fresh LemonadeRefreshing and tangy, made to order10
Local Wine (glass)Selected from Turkish vineyards18
Isn’t it just mouth-watering? Whether you’re craving a classic Turkish dish or looking to try something new, this menu has something for everyone.
So, what are you waiting for? The flavors of Istanbul are calling! Make a reservation at Uskumru Restaurant today, and embark on a dining experience you’ll never forget. Good food, great ambiance, and unforgettable memories – it’s all right there on the menu!

Phone Number: +90 541 275 75 75

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