Usta Donerci Menu Istanbul Turkey

The usta doner is a type of kebab from the Turkish cuisine, typically consisting of minced beef, onion, and tomato wrapped inside a pita bread. It’s served with a side of salad, and eaten using a skewer and knife, similar to a shawarma sandwich. This article reviews the menu items at Usta Donerci, a famous usta doner restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey.

Usta Donerci Menu

We are sharing with you the complete menu along with their updated prices and images as taken from the official website of Usta Donerci Restaurant Istanbul in order to provide you with a full understanding of their offerings. As we go through their menu one by one, let’s take a closer look at each item on it.

Usta Donerci Special Foods Menu

Usta Donerci Special Foods Menu
Udet Iskender23.95₺
Tavuk Iskender19.95₺
Eko Iskender12.95₺
Durum Tavuk Doner9.95₺
Tombek ET Doner18.95₺
Tombik Tavuk Doner15.95₺
Ekmek Arasi Tavuk Doner15.95₺
Baget ET Doner16.95₺

Usta Donerci Meatballs Menu

Usta Donerci Meatballs Menu
Kofte Porsiyon24.95₺
Pideli Kofte24.95₺
5’Li Kofte20.95₺
Kofte Ekmek18.95₺
Baget Kofte15.95₺
Cocuk Kofte13.95₺
Cocuk Tombik Kofte11.95₺
Cocuk Iskender15.95₺
500 gr Tavuk Doner60.95₺
500 gr Kofte38.95₺
1 kg Kofte73.95₺
1 kg ET Doner137.95₺
1 Kg Tavuk Doner110.95₺

Usta Donerci Hot Drinks Menu

Usta Donerci Hot Drinks Menu
Nescafe Mocha4.25₺
Nescafe Black1.50₺
Nescafe White1.50₺
Nescafe Latte Lezzeti 1.50₺
Double Espresso2.25₺
Hot Chocolate3.75₺
Nescafe Kopuklu4.25₺

Usta Donerci Desserts Menu

Usta Donerci Desserts Menu
Kulah Dondurm2.00₺

Usta Donerci Cold Drinks Menu

Usta Donerci Cold Drinks Menu
Coca Cola – 750ml6.50₺
Fanta – 750ml6.50₺
Sprite – 750ml6.50₺
Fusetea – 750ml6.50₺
Portakal Suyu6.50₺

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