Viktor Levi Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

An overview of the menu, the atmosphere, and the services offered by the Viktor Levi restaurant is presented in this restaurant review. It is our priority to provide you the most authentic, accurate and updated information, so lets talk about the famous Viktor Levi restaurant.

The Viktor Levi Restaurant is a state-of-the-art eatery that is situated right in the heart of the old town of Istanbul, in the popular district of Kadikoy. Restaurant menus include local and international dishes, including Turkish delicacies, as well as a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

As one of the first restaurants in Istanbul to serve beer and wine, the restaurant has many branches worldwide and has been in business for a long time. As far as the locals are concerned, it is the best place to eat because of the great prices for delicious meals. Has a nice garden and it is like a surprise in that area. The interior of the restaurant is a non-smoking area but you can smoke in the garden. The restaurant also has its own wines including “number 17” which is most popular in Istanbul.

Viktor Levi Starters Menu

Viktor Levi Starters Menu

Viktor Levi Salads Menu

Viktor Levi Salads Menu

Viktor Levi Main Courses and Desserts Menu


Viktor Levi Beverages Menu

Viktor Levi Beverages Menu
Viktor Levi Beverages Menu1

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