VOI Feriye Menu Istanbul Turkey

Coffee lovers in Istanbul can experience a unique and unforgettable experience at VOi Feriye Coffee Shop. The coffee shop in Feriye Palace has a serene and picturesque environment that transports you back in time.

A 19th-century palace that was restored to its original splendor, VOI Feriye has been a major tourist attraction for many years. Its elegant furnishings and intricate details reflect the palace’s Ottoman heritage. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the city’s skyline and the Bosphorus from the outdoor seating area.

VOI Feriye Istanbul Menu

Several specialty coffees, teas, and desserts are available on the menu. Turkish coffee is one of its most popular drinks: ground coffee is boiled in a cezve, a copper or brass pot, to make it, a traditional method of preparing coffee. The Turkish coffee served at VOi Feriye is brewed with the finest Arabica beans from the world’s finest farms. Along with coffee, the coffee shop serves black, green, and herbal teas.

In terms of desserts, there is a wide selection of Turkish and European cakes, pastries, and macarons. New and innovative desserts are created daily by the pastry chefs using the finest ingredients.

It’s not only a place to grab a coffee at VOi Feriye Coffee Shop, but also a place where you can relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Whether you’re out on a romantic date or spending time with friends, the VOI Feriye’s ambience is serene and tranquil. VOi Feriye Istanbul Turkey is renowned for its history, stunning views, and exceptional menu.

VOI Feriye Main Foods and Omelets Menu

Good Morning190₺
The American165₺
Avokado Toast135₺
KRU Benedict155₺
KRU Scramble155₺
KRU Crunchy135₺
KRU Sade56₺
Protein Omelet90₺
Hindi Fume Avokado115₺

VOI Feriye Winter Special Menu

Voi feriye winter special Menu

VOI Feriye Sandwiches and Salads Menu

Crazy Tuna135₺
All Green145₺
Chicken Caesar Wrap130₺
Club Sandwiches155₺
The Original135₺
Truffle Caesar Salads Bowl140₺
Smoked Salmon Bowl185₺
Tuna Pasta Salads155₺

VOI Feriye Extras Menu

VOI feriye extras menu

VOI Feriye Bowl Menu

Kirmizi Bowl160₺
Granola Bowl130₺
Sari Bowl150₺
Unicorn Bowl150₺
Kakao Bowl150₺

VOI Feriye Beverages Menu

VOI feriye Beverages Menu
VOI feriye Beverages Menu1

VOI Feriye Desserts Menu

VOI Feriye Desserts Menu

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