Yeni Lokanta Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

Its modern take on traditional Turkish cuisine makes Yeni Lokanta a popular restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. Having opened its doors in 2013, the restaurant quickly became a popular destination. Featuring an open kitchen, the restaurant’s interior design blends traditional and contemporary elements. Its cosy and intimate atmosphere is perfect for romantic dinners or small groups of friends.

Yeni Lokanta Menu with Prices

Yeni Lokanta offers a wide range of traditional cuisines in their menu. Using fresh, local ingredients ensures quality and freshness in the dishes. At Yeni Lokanta, you will find dishes such as clay-cooked lamb shoulder, black-eyed peas with grilled octopus, and slow-cooked short ribs with bulgur and yogurt. Additionally, roasted pumpkin with tahini and baked eggplant with lentils are available as vegetarian options.

Yeni Lokanta Tasting Menu with Prices

Yeni Lokanta Tasting Menu
Yeni Lokanta Tasting Menu1

Yeni Lokanta Desserts Menu with Prices

Yeni Lokanta Desserts Menu

Yeni Lokanta Starters and Main Dishes Menu

Yeni Lokanta Starters and Main Dishes Menu with Prices

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