Yigit Sofram Gozleme ve kahvalti Menu Istanbul Turkey

As one of the most popular restaurants in Istanbul, Yigit Sofram Gozleme ve Kahvalti is known for its delicious, crispy and light sofrasin made with the freshest domestic ingredients and with traditional Turkish recipes. A variety of breakfast and dinner menus are available at the restaurant.

Yigit Sofram Gozleme ve kahvalti Istanbul Dishes

Yigit Sofram Gozleme ve kahvalti is famous for serving good menemen, gozleme and other different types of Turkish breakfasts. The service here is noted for its tasty pancakes, which are often offered by the waiters. Here you can enjoy delicious coffee, fresh juices, or tea as well. Let’s check their menu one by one in more detail.

Yigit Sofram Breakfast Menu

Yigit Sofram Breakfast Menu
Yigit Serpme Breakfast for 2 people250₺
Yigit Serpme Breakfast 3 people375₺
Yiğit Egg Breakfast78₺
Halloumi Breakfast85₺
Onion Eggs Breakfast78₺
Pastrami Eggs Breakfast95₺
Roasted Beef Eggs Breakfast95₺
Spinach and Cheese Eggs Breakfast85₺
Turkish Sausages Eggs Breakfast90₺
Special sauce and Patato eggs78₺

Yigit Sofram Menemen Breakfast Menu

Yigit Sofram Menemen Breakfast Menu
Plain Menemen Breakfast60₺
Cheese Menemen Breakfast65₺
Turkish Sausages Menemen Breakfast72₺
Kashar Cheese Menemen Breakfast65₺
Pastrami Menemen Breakfast75₺
Roasted Beef Menemen Breakfast72₺

Yigit Sofram Omelet Breakfast Varieties Menu

Yigit Sofram Omelet Breakfast Varieties Menu
Spinach Cheese Omelette Breakfast54₺
White Cheese Omlette Breakfast49₺
Kashar Cheese Omlette Breakfast49₺
Mushroom Kashar Cheese Omlette Breakfast54₺
Turkish Sausages Kashar Omlette Breakfast60₺
Salami Cheddar Cheese Omlette Breakfast54₺

Yigit Sofram Hand Rolled Dough Pancakes Menu

Yigit Pancake / Special45₺
Three Cheese Pancakes / with three cheese30₺
Spinach White Cheese Pancake30₺
Mushroom Kashar Cheese Pancake30₺
Patatos Kashar Pancake30₺
Turkish Sausages Kashar Cheese Flatbread35₺
Roasted Beef Kashar Cheese Pancake40₺
Pancake with tahini walnuts32₺
Chocolate Pancake30₺
Meat and Cheddar Pancakes40₺
Pastrami Cheddar Pancakes40₺

Yigit Sofram Drinks Menu

Freshly squeezed orange juice20₺
Herbal Tea12₺
Saffron Tea15₺
cafe latte21₺
Flat White25₺
Filter Coffee16₺
Long Black21₺
Turkish coffee14₺
Hot milk with honey15₺
Cola / Fanta14₺

Yigit Sofram’s Gallery

Yigit Sofram’s Gallery

Yigit Sofram’s Gallery

Yigit Sofram’s Gallery

Yigit Sofram’s Gallery

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