Zennup Restaurant Menu Istanbul Turkey

You have come to the right place if you are in search of Zennup Restaurant Istanbul’s menu. The Zennup restaurant chain is a chain of restaurants that specializes in Turkish cuisine. It was founded by a group of friends in Istanbul, Turkey, in the year 2015. Among the main motives for opening the restaurant was to provide the locals with local Turkish cuisine in a traditional setting.

A variety of dishes are available on the Zennup menu, including chicken, steak, and pasta. Besides the main courses, you can also enjoy delicious appetizers, desserts, and beverages.

There are also online services offered by the company, and the company has a large following on social media as well. Their goal is to make their customers happy with the food they serve.

It is our pleasure to present to you the full menu of Zennup Restaurant Istanbul along with images and updated prices which can be found here. We will also provide you with an overview of the restaurant and what you can expect when you visit Zennup Restaurant. So lets get start exploring their menu more in detail.

Zennup Starters Menu

Zennup Starters Menu
5 Appetizers49₺
Summer Casik28₺
Pickle Plate15-20₺
Soup of the day20₺

Zennup Restaurant Snacks Menu

Zennup Restaurant Snacks Menu
Stuffed dry vegetables39₺
Cherry Wrap39₺
Sesame Mucver34₺
Myrtle Potatoes30₺
Pastrami Humus49₺
Home Type Potatoes30₺

Zennup Main Dishes Menu

Potato Meatball56₺
Ali Nazik74₺
Sour Meatball61₺
Arabian Pan89₺
Pan Chicken54₺
Lamb Down135₺
Ankara Pan74₺
Tenderloin Puree Salad115₺
Plain Oil Rice64₺
Rib Beans94₺
Eggplant Lamb Casserole95₺
Village Chicken Frik Plavi110₺
Tandoori Lamb with Stuffed Rice185₺

Zennup Breakfast and Tase Menu

Zennup Breakfast and Tase Menu
Sprinkled Turkish Breakfast150₺
Anatolian Cuisine195₺

Zennup Desserts and Beverages Menu

XI Rice Pudding35₺
Bird’s Nest39₺
Halva-I Hakani30₺
Milk Halvah35₺
Fruit Soda24₺
Rehan Sherbet24₺
Soft Drinks14₺
Turkish Coffee15₺
Foreign Coffee15₺

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